The atmosphere is surrounded with the lovely air again. Valentine is near! It’s an exciting moment to shower your valentine with affection and surprise.

If the heart-shaped chocolate and red roses sound too monotony or stereotype to you, and you urged to try something different this year, then we have one pretty interesting idea!

Instead of lavishing cash on expensive gift, DIY present always has the privilege to resemble sincerity and contents of love. Thus we have compiled a list of romantic designing resources for you to create (DIY) a valentine card or even a desktop wallpaper to the loved one.

All the resources are carefully picked to suit the valentine theme and with the little bit of your creativity, either a card or wallpaper, it could just be the most beautiful piece.

Retro Valentine Days by Freepik.

Format: AI

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I’m fond of artistic photo and love to collect it digitally in my computer, either for personal viewing pleasure or reserve for future designing project. But being an extremely nitpicker, I only favor high-resolution photo that has each pixel covered with perfect lighting and detail than it deserved. If a photo can’t grab eye from distance, it can never be a good photo anyway.

I’m not a photographer nor possessing any camera except the little lens on the phone. So, I’m always tossed with the same question: Where do you find and download high-resolution photo that is free for personal and particularly commercial use?

Somehow I’m blessed with the knowing to search for good quality photo here and there without spending a dime. We did featured 10 sites to download free photo at the previous post. Today I want to keep our list richer by introducing 2 more websites that allow you to use the photo not only for personal use but commercially as well. All photos are high-resolution and tip-top quality.


Unsplash dedicated all its photos under Public Domain Dedication Creative Commons 0 1.0. In other words, you can use all the photos for whatever purpose you wanted.

Instead of just the typical browse-and-download, Unsplash has also a rather unique way to deliver the photo to you via subscription. It’s a free subscription that will send 10 high-res photo to your email every 10 days. No doubt, it’s one of the neat website I have seen.

Examples of Unsplash’s Photo:

(The photos below have been compressed for fast loading, click on the photo for high-resolution.)

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We all have a favorite list of website or rather routine when it comes to internet. But even the favorite could be boredom sometimes. We just need to constantly seek fresh thing out of the box for inspiration. And without hesitation, we keep feeding you inspiration here.

Today we would like to introduce a remarkable GIF artist – ABVH. His work (GIF) always stands out of crowd because of its exclusive concept, detail and quality.

Instead of posting random GIFs, we ought to pick a specific theme for the collection. It seems cartoon is ABVH favorite and ours as well. So without further ado, we would like feature 70+ funny and relaxing cartoon GIFs for you. It’s definitely an eye-opener!

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Be it blog, eCommerce, business website or personal branding, it’s a universal agreement that a neatly designed and optimized-positioned social media icon plays a pivotal role to improve your conversion rate and social network engagement. Thus, it’s important to pick a correct icon design that shines!

This post is the complete collection of social media icons that we curated from various brilliant designer on the net. While compiling the post, we aimed to fit the diverse range of theme as we specifically categorized all the icons into 6 different series: Flat, Hand-Drawn, Texture, Badges/Circle, 3D, and Creative. Only the best and highest quality are included, and of course all are free for either personal or commercial use too. (Please be reminded to check the T&C before download.)

Icons included in the post: Blogger, Delicious, Designbumb, Designfloat, Designmoo, Deviantart, Digg, Dribbble, Drupal, Facebook, Forrst, Foursquare, Friendfeed, Gmail, Google, Google+, HTML5, ICQ, LastFm, LinkedIn, PayPal, Picasa, Pinterest, Reddit, RSS (Feed), Skype, Stumbleupon, Technorati, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, WordPress, Yahoo,YouTube and more. Full list after the jump:

Flat Series

Flat design is the rising trend and one form of minimalism that is aesthetically pleasing, if implemented correctly.

Free Vector Polygon Social Media Icons by LunarPixel. Format: AI file

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We all love animated GIF. 3D GIF is even the cherry on top. Today we have curated 50+ 3D GIF in this post by the courtesy of Matthew DiVito. No doubt, this is one type of post we enjoyed much to compile.

Unlike the regular GIF, these three-dimensional GIF will enhanced the visual perception from an additional axis or a.k.a Depth, and thus to bring you a different level of visual enjoyment. Of course, the talented creativity of Matthew is the gravitas behind this impressive spin! GIFs after the jump:

Definition of GIF:

“A gif (pronounced like JIF) is an image format that allows for animation. It gives the ability to make “moving” images that play in an infinite loop.A gif can be static, but the format is most commonly used to make animations.” – Dustin W. Stout

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“Inspirational Quotes That Impressed!” is a brand new series of our post that shares modern quotes we curated from the net from time to time. It’s a heavily image-based post that we wished to add sparks to your daily routine visually and literally. Check it out:

“A hard thing about a business is minding your own.”

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We found a yet another godsend product of Amit Agarwal – Zerodollarmovies. It’s a brilliant site that allowed you to search and thus watch full-length movies on YouTube in a most easy-and-intuitive way. All these movies are available free on YouTube and genuine without trailers, rentals or partial uploads.

Zerodollarmovies has currently indexed a whopping of 15000+ movies on the site and new movie title is added daily to keep the list far from exhaustive. It displayed all the movie in a rather Pinterest-style interface which appeared to be user-friendly and eye-appealing too.

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“Inspirational Quotes That Impressed!” is a brand new series of our post that shares modern quotes we curated from the net from time to time. It’s a heavily image-based post that we wished to add sparks to your daily routine visually and literally. Check it out:

“We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police.”

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Bypassing the dirty internet censorship has become so easy with Hola – A stellar yet free premium VPN proxy that allows you to access any site from any country without compromising speed and security. Hola stands up from the crowd with its unparalleled features, and the cherry of top is that you can enjoy all these features without paying a dime.

3 Mouse Clicks to Bypass Blocked Site-Hola

In most cases, complexity, speed, and security are the major concerns when we bypass internet censorship using a free VPN or proxy. Unlike other proxy, Hola has done a pretty good job and morphed our concerns into its privilege. Lets see: Read More