10 Best Free Purikura Apps For iOS

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Purikura might sound like an outlandish term to you, but on the flip side, it caught multitude of hearts especially among the teenage female culture. So what is Purikura and why is it so appealing? It boils down to a question which answer can easily be sought: Do you remember the photo booth that can fit up to 5 or more people inside to take photo together, and each comes with an editing screen which allows you to customize or add effects to the photo? Yes, the photo booth is a Purikura or vice versa.

Back to the 1990 when Purikura was first introduce, it created a big buzz in Japan, and soon after it spread globally in a lightning speed due to its popularity. Still until today, it’s a popular and fun activity you can do with friends; by just spending a few dollars you can buy not just the beautiful photos but a fond memory that lasts.

With the advent of Smartphone, the big piece of photo booth has morphed into thousands line of code – the mighty App. Now, you can have various theme of Purikura in the form of App, which practically lets you bring the virtual photo booth to any places you liked and of course to catch any moment.

We took it up a notch to recommend you a list of best free Purikura Apps for the iOS devices. You can either store the photos in the digital form or print it out just like the good old days. Have fun and list after the jump:

Charuca Purikura

A must-have app for Charuca fans! You can decorate the photo with not only the beautiful frames and also the exclusive character from Charuca. Editing your Facebook photo is a snap too.


More that 150+ lovely frames and stamps to suit various style. But one thing for sure, the ‘Purikura-style’.


Tie-up with the most famous Purikura-maker in Japan, GirlsCamera is a simple and free photo editing app to take purikura-like pictures. You can have countless way to decorate the picture with more than 450 types of frames, stamps, brushes and pens. It’s definitely one of the most complete functionalities Purikura apps.


Chosen as Gizmodo’s ‘App of the Day’ and created by the same developer behind the famous LINE messaging app, Pick’s quality and functionality are tiptop.

It’s a hybrid of social networking and photo-editing app, which featuring more than 500 different stamps, 100 frames, 150 types of brushes, as well as 14 types of beautiful filters. With these, you can have a blast Purikura collection ever!


What the word ‘Kawaii’ reminds you? Yes, it means cute, adorable in the context of Japanese culture. Same goes to the app, Kawaiines features nothing more than to beautify your photo with various cute elements. It’s just another app that catches girls’ heart profoundly.

P.F. Love

This app in another form is the Purikura photo-booth with Valentine as the theme. However, it serves more than that. With a 80 MB+ of size, you should expect tons of feature is crammed inside.

Photo Sticker Plus

Ranked in the top 10 app of photography and being free-of-charge are the perfect combo to make a no-brainer for you to give it a shot.


It’s not an album but a japanese purikura-like app to create ‘kawaii’ decoration on picture with over 200 types of stamps, magical backgrounds, lovely frames, gorgeous pens-style. And you just can’t believe it’s free.


It takes more than a beautiful app logo to win the affection of 3 million users, and definitely it has the hidden charm. There’s a fairly hefty amount of editing functions included in the app, with both automatic and manual options in a very intuitive and clean interface.

On top of that, Snapeee is also a social network created to target girls who love photography, particularly the Purikura-type. You can also unlock more features (more decorating items) by sharing and recommending photos within the network.

Mr. Chiizu

Yet another cherry at the top that outshines! Mr. Chiizu allows you to decorate your photo with multitude of unique themes that you couldn’t find at other app.



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