10 Websites To Download Paid Apps For Free Without Jailbreaking

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One of the killing weapons Apple uses to top over its rivals is the solid platform of iOS applications. The stringent Apple’s approval process has filtered out the “bad apple” and successfully maintains the quality in its ecosystem. It’s the nature that we all love to download and teem ours iOS devices with tip-top quality apps. But then, tip-top quality applications usually come with a price too.

10 websites to download paid apps for free without jailbreaking

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The famous 99 cents’ pricing of iTunes App store might sound just a penny for most of the users. However, please remember that the penny will stack up and don’t surprise to be surprised by a pretty-penny monthly bill. In anyway, why we want to squeeze our wallet while we can get apps for free in a legitimate manner?

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Why Premium Paid Apps Can Be FOC?

Remember this is not a “Ad Sponsored” app but a premium “Ad Free” app offered for free. So, why it can happen? In a nutshell, it’s all about marketing strategy. In the competitive environment where attentions are everything, even an exquisitely developed app needs to stand up from the crowd, and the most effective way to grab attention yet wouldn’t compromise much of the monetization interest is to offer free app at limited period. Obviously, this marketing strategy is to increase the app’s exposure, and eventually hope for a viral marketing effects.

How Do the Sites Work?

It’s clear that the “Free App” marketing strategy has built momentum and many iOS developer has understood that free is in no way giving it all away. They know they need to catch big fish with small fish. As a result, many developers have allowed the users to download the paid apps for free at a limited time. Yet, one real problem arises: We don’t know where to look for such announcement or information.

Itunes App store is a sea of apps, and if you search through the whole store to look for daily free apps manually, the attempt is like finding a needle at the Pacific Ocean. It’s just not practical. Some of you might say, iTunes has a top list for the users to look for free apps. But again, how many seat is available in the top list? There are just too many hidden gems, and iTunes doesn’t have a notification system for all.

Worry not, some folks have taken care the hassle to make it much easier for you to search for free apps. They create a website to monitor the activity happened in the App Store and gather all the signals in one place. Either is a price drop or a free app announcement, they will update you in the fastest manner. To ensure you wouldn’t miss any single app update, we push it to another level by compiling a list of best 10 websites for you to look for free paid apps. Full list after the jump:

After you click on the link in the website given below, you’ll be redirected to the iTunes App Store, and you can just download the app as usual. No additional software, and no jailbreaking. Easy peasy!

10 Websites to Download Free Paid Apps:

1. Freeappalert

2. Appshopper

3. Freeappaday

4. Dailyappdream

5. Appchronicles

6. Appspy

7. Appshawk

8. Openfeint

9. 148apps

10. Appsafari


This a win-win method that the both side, developers and users can get what they want without spending a dime. I think it’s a pretty cool idea, isn’t it? Lastly, don’t forget to like our Facebook and Google+ fan page because we do share some free premium paid apps at our page too!



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