18 Coolest iPhone Camera Accessories

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The burgeoning of iPhone and the powerful camera’s accessory has arisen the inconspicuousness camera to a noteworthy level of photography. People start talking the term ‘iPhoneography’ at the street, and shooting breathtaking photo is much more easier with iPhone than the conventional type of DSLR, which required high technical endeavour.

Coolest iPhone Camera Accessories

Image Source: Photojojo

Not to mention the bulky body and ‘beautiful’ price of DSLR, iPhone and its camera accessory are much convenient and economical in the sense of functionality. It’s indisputable the throne of DSLR has been shaken a bit, not much but also not less too. Today, we have surfed to the top of the rising tide and compiled a list of what we think is cool enough to supercharge the iPhone’s camera and give u a brand new experience of iPhoneography. Get your finger ready at the scroll and full list after the jump:

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1. Kogeto Dot iPhone Panorama Lens

Coolest camera accessories for iPhone

Models Compatibility: 4, 4S

Pricing: $79.00

If you like to shoot video with the iPhone, this is the lens you don’t want to miss! Dot panorama lens uses the concept of mirror to capture 360 degree interactive video with your iPhone. Additionally, the dedicated free apps – Looker would allow you to playback the captured video in 360 degree view, as well as sharing the video to Facebook and Twiiter on the fly!

Alas, the Dot lens only works at video mode, and it’s not compatible to any iPhone case. In other words, you need to keep your iPhone naked  to use the lens. Despite, the installation and removal are a cinch though!

2. iPhone’s Pro-Style and High-Quality Lenses

Coolest camera accessories for iPhone

Models Compatibility: 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S

Pricing: $49.00 for all three lenses

Another great Photojojo’s product to transform your iPhone into DSLR-similar camera with 3 precisely constructed lenses: Fisheye, Telephoto, and Macro/Wide Angle. A detachable magnetic ring will stick to the phone body with adhesive, so that the lenses can be changed easily by attaching to the ring. Furthermore, it works flawlessly with most the iPhone cases as well as the flashlight.

3. iPhone Rangefinder

Coolest camera accessories for iPhone

Models Compatibility: 4, 4S

Pricing: $65.00

This is the most serious and versatile accessory for iPhone camera. The rangefinder will hide the iPhone behind a classic camera, which has a shutter button, viewfinder, aperture numbers, tripod mount, and the two loops for a camera strap.

Don’t think that it is merely a mould that serves no purpose. In fact, the case turns the iPhone’s volume up button into a real deal shutter button, which also means, you can actually use the shutter button and viewfinder to take photo and video. As well, you can also attach the magnetic lenses mentioned above easily to the Rangefinder without the magnetic ring. In short, it makes your iPhone a ‘real’ camera!

4. Macro Cell Lens Band

Coolest camera accessories for iPhone

Models Compatibility: All models of iPhone

Pricing: $15.00

Not only Macrophotography is a fastidious and technical endeavour, but it also required expensive photography equipment in order to get the best result. However, with this coolest band ever, you can explore the world of detail in a breeze with just an iPhone on your hand, and the price is worth to give it a shot alone.

5. iPhone Lens Dial

Coolest camera accessories for iPhone

Models Compatibility: 4, 4S

Pricing: $249.00

Yet another 3-in-one lens set for iPhone that comprised of Telephoto, Wide Angle, and Fisheye. All the lenses neatly wrapped up in a sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum case equipped with two tripod mounts. Switching the lenses swiftly by just rotating the dial to capture any picture in 3 different effects instantly is more than just cool!

6. Holga iPhone Lens

Coolest camera accessories for iPhone

Models Compatibility: 4, 4S

Pricing: $24.99

The emergence of Holga shared the load of some of the photography apps. It has 9 lenses/filters to manipulate your favourite photo at just the moment you capture the photo. To have few identical images in one frame, close-up detail, vignette effect, and colour filter, are just a cinch for Holga. In short, Holga lens is a considerable alternative to the iPhone photography apps.

7. Shutter Remote of iPhone

Coolest camera accessories for iPhone

Models Compatibility: 3GS, 4, 4S (iOS 4.3 or later)

Pricing: $40.00

You might be running forth and back to delay the iPhone’s shutter release by setting a self-timer via particular application. This is tedious and you might have no sufficient tolerance to assume the coolest posture of you. With a remote control at your hand and and a Bluetooth-powered receiver fitted at your iPhone, you can stand up to 30 feet away yet have plenty of time to pose for ‘Wow’ shoot!

8. iPhone SLR Mount

Coolest camera accessories for iPhone

Models Compatibility: 4, 4S

Pricing: $249.00

Turning the iPhone into DSLR is possible through the SLR mount. Remember this is only a mount to hold the lens and the price does not include any lens. It has two different types for Nikon and Canon lens, and it’s important to check the lens’ compatibility prior purchase. Needless to say, the integration of SLR lens will give the iPhone a brand new and powerful depth of field and manual focus.

9. Zgrip iPhone Pro

Coolest camera accessories for iPhone

Models Compatibility: 3GS, 4, 4S

Pricing: $295.00

iPhone has a good quality of camera, especially from the iPhone 4 onwards. Alas, the sleek design of body doesn’t really provide a good form of stability for most of the people. Worry not, Zgrip got the solution!

Zgrip is a completely adjustable, and quick-released handgrip to enhance the stability of iPhone for shooting professional video and photo. Nonetheless,it is multi-articulated and the red levers would allow you to obtain several smooth angles, so that your creativity wouldn’t be constrained. Despite the fancy pricing, it has a lifetime warranty!

10. iFlash

Coolest camera accessories for iPhone

Models Compatibility: 3, 3GS, 4

Pricing: $12.99

When we talk about photography and videography, lighting is always a vital element to determine the quality of picture and video. iFlash – the add-on LED flash for iPhone which is designed to catch video and picture in dark environment. But why? Why we need an external flash while we already have a built-in type. It’s because the built-in light source is limited and too close to the image axis. As a result, it prone to cause overexposed, black background and more defects of photography. After all, you just don’t want to show your friend a low-grade product though.

11. Carabiner Clip

Coolest camera accessories for iPhone

Models Compatibility: 4, 4S

Pricing: $30.00

Keeping the iPhone in the pocket is not only covering up the glamorous appearance, but taking out from the pocket could be a tricky move sometimes too. This is not cool if you have missed a magnificent shoot just because your phone stuck inside a little hole.

The Carabiner Clip is a slick tool to latch the iPhone onto bag, belt loop,camera strap and etc in an ingenious yet secured manner. Furthermore, it gives you instant access to your iPhone so that you’ll miss any pictures anymore. The installation is a snap! Just attach it to the bottom of phone with two included screws without changing your phone in any way.

12. iFilm

Coolest camera accessories for iPhone

Models Compatibility: 4, 4S

Pricing: $15.00 (A pledge)

According to the inventor, iFilm is a revolutionary iPhone camera enhancement. The idea is to replace the conventional camera tripod, which is bulky and a hassle to set up. Besides, the iFilm is relatively compact and much more cheaper.

It uses simple physics theory – reflection to capture stable video and sharp picture by turning virtually any surfaces into your tripod mount. Although it is only a Kickstarter’s project at this moment, I believe it has great potential to a blast in near future.

13. OWLE Bubo

Coolest camera accessories for iPhone

Models Compatibility: 3, 3GS, 4, 4S

Pricing: $160

OWLE Bubo is an iPhone’s mount made of solid aluminium to provide adequate weight for stability and heft while shooting picture or video. It has 4 tripod mounts and 1 cold-shoe mount to house lighting or accessories in its ergonomic body. Furthermore, the 37mm threaded lens mount allow you to customize with other lens and filter easily.

No doubt, the price is somehow possible to deplete your pocket, but don’t not forget the expensive price has include a custom 37mm wide angle lens and a high quality 180 degree-adjustable microphone. So, it is somehow worth it also.

14. Flip-Cage

Coolest camera accessories for iPhone

Models Compatibility: 3GS, 4, 4S

Pricing: $29.95

Photographer Gary Fong believes iPhone has a great camera and a great camera requires a great tripod. Based on this belief, he sells one of the most versatile iPhone mount we have seen – Flip cage. More precisely, Flip-cage is a foldable tabletop stand to hold iPhone for multi-purpose such as, footage capturing, watching movie, playing games, FaceTime and more.

15. Glif+

Coolest camera accessories for iPhone

Models Compatibility: 4, 4S

Pricing: $30

It’s a kit that comprised 3 handy accessories: Glif, Serif, and the Ligature. The Glif is a compact mount that props up the iPhone at unique angles and attaches the iPhone onto a tripod. If you are a photographer who loves to use iPhone to shoot photo or video at extreme environment, the Serif would be a good partner to improve the security of the iPhone at the tripod. In addition, the Ligature is a kind of ring for you to latch the Glif onto any objects that are conveniently accessible. And on top of everything, the best part is you can also use the packaging box as a little tripod. In conclusion, nothing is wasted though!

16. iPhone lens wallet

Coolest camera accessories for iPhone

Models Compatibility: Magnetic lenses

Pricing: $15.00

This is not a branded LV or Gucci wallet, but it’s a Photojojo’s wallet specially designed for iPhone lenses. The coolest point about this wallet is that, it’s made of animal friendly material with a built-in magnetic strip to hold and protect all the delicate lenses. Another side function is it makes you like a pro iPhoneographer!

17. Dry Case

Coolest camera accessories for iPhone

Models Compatibility: All models

Pricing: $39.99

Ever wondered to capture the exotic view of coral reef and magical experience with the vivid colour fishes under the deep blue sea with your iPhone? The rise of waterproof Dry Case has brought the thought to practical reality, something can be done.

The Dry Case has a crystal clear cover for taking photo, and a vacuum hand pump for creating vacuum condition inside the case. It has been tested to work flawlessly up to 100 feet under the water. Surprisingly, the full functionality of iPhone is still remain intact after putting inside the case. You can even plug in a waterproof headphone or microphone to listen music under the water or perhaps to record the conversation between the fishes.

18. Mobislyder

Coolest camera accessories for iPhone

Models Compatibility: All models

Pricing: $130.94 (Special launch price)

It’s the first portable camera slider dedicated for iPhone to capture smooth video and picture easily. The price included 5 different mounts to let you shoot like a pro video producer with the various angle of sliding movement. And thumbs up for the design though!


I’m a person who love to shoot picture with my iPhone, and create beautiful effect with various iOS apps. No doubt I’m proud to show it off to my DSLR-oriented friends. And so, there is always a good argument between us that wandering around a same question: “Will mobile phone’s camera wipe out the digital camera?” Personally, I have great confidence of mobile phone’s camera and believe its potential will definitely outweigh the digital camera in the future. Just curious what others like you think?

Lastly, which accessory do you think is the coolest and has the magic to pull some bucks from your pocket? Sound it off at the comments, folks!



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