20 Must-Know Accessories For iPad

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20 Must-Know Accessories For iPad

iPad is the one of the most popular tablet made by Apple Inc. Offering the best device in the market, there is a need for accessories to keep our iPad devices safe, or to customize the outer look with varieties of casing design. People nowadays are looking for the best and top-notch iPad accessories, to make his or her iPad stand out among others, which made it one of a kind in this world. This is something that Apple do not produce top quality accessory for iPad, as the company only made the iPad device alone for everyone. Here are some of the coolest iPad accessories available in the market, but some are not.

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1. Targus Spruce Mini Messenger

Made and designed with eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastic bottles, this cool looking bag keeps your iPad and other devices such as battery charger, earphones, notebook, business cards etc into an organized compartments. The materials for Spruce Mini Messenger are nickel and PVC free, so you do not have to worry about the environmental issue.

2. Twelve South BookArc Stand

A beautifully designed stand that holds your iPad in any direction, either vertically or horizontally without obscuring the screen. The silver steel bow holder acts as a monitor stand, add in bluetooth keyboard and voila! A mini PC workstation at home or office.

3. Bang & Olufsen Beosound 8

The future sound system is born. BeoSound 8 is the revolutionary audio player, conical-shaped speaker design that fits the iPad, iPod or iPhone devices. The coolest part is this hi-fi audio system can actually hang on the wall nicely, which makes it part of the decoration in your room for maximum music pleasure.

4. Dock Fan for iPad

Whenever you feel hot at outdoors, you might want to bring in this little fan out with you. Simply plug the dock fan into your iPad connector port and start cooling down your heat away.

5. Classic Match Foosball

Don’t have the budget to have the actual foosball set to play at home? Fret not! If you have an iPad with you, then the next thing you should have is to get this cool accessory. The Classic Match Foosball brings the complete foosball experience to your iPad, just like a real tournament table. Complete with 8 functional 2-axis control bars and scoring markers at each end of the table, this could be your ultimate showdown table featuring players with expert foosball skills.

6. Elgato EyeTV Mobile

Don’t have time to watch TV at home? Now everyone can watch TV through iPad with a device that acts as a TV antenna. You can watch live TV on iPad with EyeTV mobile, and best of all, you do not need to worry about data plan, because it won’t hurt your data usage, or in another word no internet connection is required. The device comes with powerful and compact TV tuner connector that easily connects to the connector port, so you can bring it to watch anywhere as you like.

7. iBallz iPad stand

This is one of the coolest accessory, designed to absorb the shock from falling iPads. The balls are placed at four corners of your tablet, held with an adjustable elastic cord. The balls provide drop protection without increasing the weight or concealing your iPad. The best thing is that whenever the tablet is dropped from your hand at any angle, it never touches the floor and is holding above rough or smooth surfaces such as floors. Besides, you can also hang your tablet like a picture frame on your wall, or remove any one ball to turn into perfectly tilted position for typing inputs. The ball adds comfort, durability and helps to strengthen your tablet for everyday usage.

8. iCade 8 bitty

When Atari came into gaming industry, Pong game was made. All you need is a controller to control your pong bat to reflect the ball back to the opposite side. A new generation of arcade controller, comes with wireless Bluetooth connectivity that engage players on classic retro games. In fact, it is essentially a NES controller.

9. iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet

Owning a real arcade machine to play at home seems ridiculous for some, but not for having an iCade arcade cabinet. The cabinet is made of classic wooden design that perfectly fits your iPad, solid and secure for the most intense gaming session. The controls are full-sized for pure arcade experience, and have wireless connectivity. This is a great accessory for everyone who wish to go back to the future gaming, bringing the younger glory days of high scoring games.

10. iDrift iPad Game Controller

Tired of playing racing games while holding both sides of your iPad? Your wait is over! iDrift controller resembles the steering wheel, that brings your racing skills to the next level. By the way, this was just a conceptual design and not commercially available.

11. iLog for iPad

It’s winter season. You have an iPad but you do not know how to start a fire in your home. Well, iLog came to the rescue. The wooden log holds your iPad either vertically or horizontally, plus with an app that runs a fire on your iPad. Imagine that your home will become warmer if you have this, but practically it was just an iPad holder though.

12. iPad Clutch and Wallet

Made and designed by Happy Owl Studios, the iPad clutch will keep your iPad safe and also at the same time gives you the room to store your essential things. It protects your tablet from any angles and has secure folio flap that folds over to cover the front and secures with a snap button closure. Inside the flap is the room for storing all your necessary items such as business cards, documents and more. It can store a lot of things inside while maintaining the thin trim profile. This is suitable for businessman or students who needs to carry important notes or documents.

13. Apple iPad Smart Cover

The iPad smart cover, works to cover the front screen of the iPad from potential scratches or damages. Inward of the smart cover is made of soft microfiber cloth, while the outside is made either leather or polyurethane. When you place the smart cover over the iPad screen, it closes with a snap. The right side of the smart cover is embedded with magnet. Besides, the iPad has the sensor that determines when the smart cover is in place. As soon as you close the cover screen, you will hear a locking sound on the iPad itself.

14. iTar

In this 21st century, music instrument has been greatly revolutionize. You are looking at the modern guitar, using an iPad to integrate with button-based guitar fretboard. Unfortunately this device is not selling in commercial market yet. So hopefully this guitar will be come true.

15. Logitech UE9000

A cool wireless Bluetooth over-the-ear headphone by Logitech comes with an assortment of goodies, including the stylish-looking headphones, optional cable with in-line microphone and media controls, carrying case, USB charging cable etc. The Logitech UE9000 is a solid headphone with decent mass, which gives a great ear comfort for long music listening time. Beside only use for listening to music, you can also use it to talk wirelessly on many communication platform such as Skype.

16. Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

Among many other iPad keyboard covers on the market, the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover definitely stands out on top. It is a magnificently designed accessory that has the stylish look, which perfectly holds your iPad securely at any angle for your comfort for typing or watching movies. This is simply one of the best typing experience on any 10-inch tablet category.

17. Maclove Titan iPad Stand

The Titan mimics like a mini iMac by placing the iPad on the stand. The stand is made of lightweight aluminium, which also can rotate both vertically and horizontally. It also has a rubberized base so that your iPad does not slip or fall over the table. The stand looks pretty stylish to have an iPad holds up for watching movies or Youtube.

18. Modulr iPad Case

This case has multifunctional use with pegs at four corners. These pegs gives the back of the case to secure with many kinds of accessories such as the shoulder strap, hand strap, wall mount and quick stand. This accessory is perfect for those who are carrying their iPads around for long period of time.

19. Numark iDJ Live

DJ wannabes, here is your great accessory for you by Numark. It is a DJ software controller for iPad, which gives you the power to create, remix or scratch your music like a DJ. This toy is perfect for beginners who never tried DJ-ing before. iDJ Live comes with iPad stand and custom headphone or speaker audio cable for your favourite sound system choice. Then connect your iPad with the built-in dock connector and start switch the party into overdrive. This system uses the processing power of your iPad and allows you to DJ parties anywhere with music that is already available on your iPad via Algoriddim’s djay for iPad app and other Core MIDI-enabled apps.

20. Zaggmate iPad case

Another wireless Bluetooth keyboard made of aluminium hard-shell case, covers the front part of the iPad screen and leaves the back part exposed. The keyboard uses the standard QWERTY layout and has all function keys as well as number input, featuring some iPad-specific shortcut keys. Best of all, when the iPad closes, it will look like a 10 inch MacBook Pro laptop.



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