3 Ways To Get Paid Apps For Free Without Jailbreak

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Following the shutdown announcement of Hackulous, you can no longer install cracked apps in the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad anymore. In short, no more Jailbreak to get free candy! This could be a pain in the ass if you’re avid Installous user, but on the flip side, this is no doubt the best news for an app developer would like to hear.

3 Ways To Get Paid Apps For Free Without Jailbreak

This is the new era for iOS, a healthy ecosystem where more developers are keen to create more awesome apps to the community, and of course they do deserve the reward in return. But, does it mean it’s no way to get a premium paid app for free in a healthy ecosystem? Definitely, it’s a big no! In fact, there are many premium paid apps are offered free by many generous developers everyday in a direct or indirect way. Either they do it to reward the community or merely for marketing purpose, it doesn’t really bother to us anyway.

All we need to know is how to get the latest promotion, and how to get premium paid apps for free, legally (Jailbreaking iPad deemed illegal by the US Copyright Office) and without Jailbreak. Without further ado, let’s show you the trick and it’s beginning with …

1. Try Free Apps To Get Premium Paid Apps

We covered this at the earlier post: Download Top Paid Apps For Free At Apple App Store Without Jailbreaking. In a nutshell, you need to download the free apps specified by the developer first to gain point. After accumulating enough point, you can swap the point with any premium apps provided.

Besides Freemyapps, we also found 2 alternatives which work in the similar concept: Featurepoints and Freeappslots. Just visit the websites given with the Safari on your iDevices, and follow the instruction. It’s intuitive enough and you shouldn’t have any problem with that. In addition to the free premium apps, you can also use the point to exchange with the gift card from Amazon, iTunes (Featurepoints) and even to get t a free iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad (Freeappslots) too. However take these with pinch of salt.

2. Get App Promotion From Websites

This is rather a simpler way. You don’t need to download any unnecessary app for collecting point, but still able to have your favorite premium apps for free. How could this possible? It may sound surprise to you, but the fact is that in everyday, there are so many premium apps are free for limited time, all you need to know is where to look for such promotion.

As I mentioned, this is another marketing strategy for the developer to do promotion for their app. You can find more detail at the post: 10 Websites To Download Paid Apps For Free Without Jailbreaking. And as the title implies, we did recommend 10 websites in the post too, where you can easily look for the promotion. In order to keep you aware of any single promotion, we strongly suggest you to add few of the website we recommended to your RSS list.

3. Apps Get Apps

This way works exactly the same as the websites. The only difference is you get the daily promotion deals via an app instead. Furthermore these apps will update every promotion to you and conveniently link every app to the AppStore.

Not sure which app to look for? Worry not, we covered for you too. Check this out: Top 5 iOS Apps To Download Daily Free Paid Apps.


Regardless being illegal or legal, jailbreak does pose a harm to not only developer but everyone of us. You might not see it now, but it could be a longterm chain-effect.

As a user, we should against piracy and give support to good developer so that they will consistently create greater apps for us. After all, we can still get the premium paid apps for free sometimes, in a legitimate manner.

If you know any way to get paid apps for free without jailbreak, please don’t hesitate to share it with us at the comment, we definitely would like to know. Have fun!



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