5 Reasons To Switch From Android To iPhone

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Switching from an Android-based smartphone to the iPhone now might be a good choice for consumers. No Android handset vendor could launch a device yet that could match the iPhone in features or market appeal.

Reasons to switch from Android to iPhone

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Currently, Apple’s iPhone is the best-selling smartphone model in the world and is the top choice. Most people don’t want a choice of 100 phones, they only want one phone that works and makes them look cool.

Here are top 5 reasons why to switch from Android to iPhone:

1. Android OS upgrade depends on the phone’s model and manufacturer

Android phone rarely come with the promise of an OS upgrade. iPhones have a good option of upgrades for iOS, though there may not be further upgrades for old generations of outdated iPhones.

As Android OS upgrade options are rarely found for your phone, you won’t be able to download certain Android applications because they don’t support earlier versions of the OS.

2. iPhone offers better OS stability

Reasons to switch from Android to iPhone

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Android is for people who want to play around endlessly customizing their phone, quite possibly with applications that aren’t actually compatible, running in combinations that may bring your phone crashing down. Macs have earned the reputation of being reliable and more immune to lock-ups and crashes. There’s a simple reason for this. When Apple updates their OS, the hardware configuration it is going to run on controls the hardware as well.

The iPhone have the benefit as the Mac manufactures both the OS and the hardware. Since Android needs to work on a number of hardware configurations, the OS is going to be tied to the phone you purchase. A safer bet would be in such a scenario where the manufacturer of the OS and the hardware is the same company.

3. iPhones get applications first

The iPhone mostly gets the applications before Android OS vendors starts using them. When creating applications, developers know that there are a few hardware configurations to consider for the iPhone. When it comes to Android OS, there are many configurations which could cause conflicts with the performance of the applications.

Having an Android phone is no guarantee you are going to be able to run an Android application. It seems when it comes to the iPhone you are going to be less likely to run into such a situation.

4. Lack of standard DRM solution

Reasons to switch from Android to iPhone

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Online digital picture service like Netflix has been started for Mac application but not yet for Android. The only reason is because Android has no standard practice to manage Digital Rights Management (DRM). This application allows service providers to stream movies and television shows without being copied easily.

5. The iPhone is the market leader

The iPhone leads the way in functionality for smartphones. The iPhone 4 started dual cameras to allow using video conferencing application. It wasn’t the first phone to do this, but it made video calling on a phone worthwhile. The iPhone 4 also brought things like a high pixel density display and HD images.

While the iPhone isn’t always the first to put out features or technology, it’s often the first to do things well and the device that everyone else has to catch up with.

Reasons to switch from Android to iPhone

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Editor Note: This is a guest contribution by Diana Maria. Diana is a blogger and a writer of Gizmowatch and Bornrich. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Besides she is fond of gadgets too.

In Summary

Android’s ability to install applications from other sources has been great, and some people wouldn’t want to give this up only to be locked into the Android App Store. Some phones have offered an update to Android OS and pack better specifications than many other Android users have experienced.



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