7 Best Tools To Create iOS Apps On Windows

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The very first thing that should be mentioned under such a title is that there’s no official Windows tool for developing iOS applications (and I’m not sure that they’ll appear). That’s why in this article I’m going to introduce a few of the unofficial tools for you to create iOS apps on Windows. Also it’s worth reminding that if you’d like to publish your app on the App Store, then you’ll need to compile it on official Apple software, either using Flash iPhone Packager, Airplay SDK or send your code to someone to compile it.

So here’s the list of tools you can use for creating iOS apps on Windows.

Marmalade SDK

Best Tools To Create iOS Apps On Windows

Previously know as Airplay SDK, Marmalade SDK lets you create your own games and sign your apps on Windows. This is a great solution for both 2D and 3D games and apps due to the free offer from independent developers. Both these two variants can compile a standard iPhone code right on your Windows. Mind that a lot of apps available at the App Store are created with the help of these two programs.

Unity 3D

Best Tools To Create iOS Apps On Windows

Unity 3D is a gaming engine and editor that uses Boo and C#. it works both on Windows and on iOS X.

A powerful rendering engine fully integrated with a complete set of intuitive tools and rapid workflows to create interactive 3D content; easy multi-platform publishing; thousands of quality, ready-made assets in the Asset Store and a knowledge-sharing Community.

Stonetrip S3D

Best Tools To Create iOS Apps On Windows

This is a gaming engine and editor that uses LUA and it works on Windows. This gaming engine lets you create apps and games on Windows, but for compiling and testing you’ll need a Mac.

Nevertheless, ShiVa Editor is available with a Device Input Simulator Application that can be installed on iOS devices. The application will communicate directly with the ShiVa Editor and simulate the input. Depending on the device you will receive the accelerometer, GPS, Compass and Multi-touch.

Flash CS6

Best Tools To Create iOS Apps On Windows

It’s a very good solution that works together with Flash iPhone Packager. This iOS packager will let you to compile apps on Windows. If you have already used Flash, it means that you are the owner of the latest Apple standards. It works well but don’t expect that high-demanding games and Papervision will launch on it. Also you can create iOS flash apps in the environment that differs from the official one by Adobe. You may compile apps with the help of a Flex compiler and pack them as long as you follow ASME instructions.

You can find more detail about how to create iOS Apps using Flash Professional here.

Genuitec MobiOne

Best Tools To Create iOS Apps On Windows

This is an interface creator that uses PhoneGap framework for providing standard functionality. It works only on Windows and is based on HTML/Javascript. These two tools let you create apps with the help of web technologies (HTML/CSS/Javascript) and then launch them via Objective-C framework which responses to actions in UIWebView thus providing you with the access to standard iPhone functional. These frameworks are free. For standard compiling and testing you’ll need a Mac.

Dragonfire SDK


This is an interesting tool. It allows you to create apps using developers’ own SDK on Windows. Then you upload your source code on their server where they compile it and after that you download a ready file of iOS application. I’ve mentioned this kit because I like its syntax and it is pretty popular. Apart from that, it’s a great packer with good Windows simulator.

There’re also some other solutions that either are being tested or are paid ones without any trial-versions. Most of them are simplified versions of Dragonfly SDK which allows developing iOS apps on Windows by compiling your source code. Airplay SDK looks like the most multifunctional free software for creating iOS apps on Windows.

Appcelerator Titanium

Best Tools To Create iOS Apps On Windows

This is a very good solution that has a lot of fans. The apps don’t require much efficiency as they are created with the help of HTML/Javascript and it can be compiled as standard apps and sent to App Store.

So if you have decided to develop iPhone apps on Windows and don’t want to buy Apple products, then I’d recommend using HTML/Javascript software like Appcelerator or Airplay SDK, and then ask someone with Mac to help you in compiling and testing.

Editor Note: This post is contributed by Eugene Rudenko – a tech writer for Intellectsoft. This IT company provides quality Android and iOS development for its customers. Follow them on Twitter @Intellectsoft.


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