Access Blocked Web Sites With iPhone [How To]

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It’s easy to access websites which are blocked by your company, school or even country with your iPhone. You don’t need to be a geeky techie nor shelling out single penny for any apps to complete this. Surprisingly, it is a default function integrated in your iPhone that seems not many people have noticed it.

How to access blocked web sites with iPhone

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Yes! We’re going to use the iPhone’s HTTP Proxy to access blocked website. Alas, this only works when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network and it’s a shame that the current iPhone (iOS) doesn’t support HTTP proxy over 3G or cellular network. Needless to say, this is a really serious drawback as many good HTTP proxy could reduce the amount of data transfer by compressing the website, and thus effectively save you the money.

You could find plenty of free iPhone proxy at Google or a list compiled by us and shown at below. However, before that, it is good to know how a proxy system works, so that you can enjoy the privilege of free proxy without exposing yourself to the potential harm.

After getting yourself a server from the best proxy server list, let me show you how to set up a proxy on the iPhone:

(You can do the same for other iDevices such as iPod and iPad too)

1. Go to ‘Setting’ > Wi-Fi.

2. Turn on and connect to a known Wi-Fi.

3. After successful login, press the blue arrow button beside the network to enter network setting.

4. Scroll down to the bottom, and you should see HTTP Proxy. Choose the ‘Manual’.

How to access website with iPhone HTTP proxy

5. Key in the ‘Server’ and ‘Port’ as shown at the example below:

Example 1 :


Port: 8123

Example 2:


Port: 80

Example 3:


Port: 3128

*If possible, we recommended use only standard port such as, 8123,80,and 3128.

6. Double-check the proxy address is entered correctly, and return to the Wi-Fi network.

Leave the authentication to off, unless you have a premium proxy server that required login. To confirm that you’re ported to the proxy server properly, simply visit to any website which is normally blocked by the network and you should be able to access now. Remember that, you may need  to try different proxy servers which are based on various location to get optimal performance and accessibility.


Please take note that this is only a tutorial to teach how to access blocked websites with iPhone’s proxy. However, we do not encourage to bypass any websites that are blocked by your company, school and country. You should know what you’re doing and we hold no responsibility for any infringement, regulation, and rules violation caused by you.

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  • Jin

    I use this on my iPhone from China:

    They have a Mobile Plan that works on most devices including iPhone. Working great, but setup was a little hard for me.

  • blur pirate

    how??for another phone??…..

  • Paulx1982

    I’m using highspeedVPN, check it out at or look it up. Our WIFI here is terrible to begin with during peak hours… not being able to access Facebook at school kills it. Why do they offer WIFI anyway if we can’t use Facebook :P sheesh