Calibrate Your iPhone Home Button To Improve Responsiveness

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Iphone Home Button

Ever since the introduction of iPhone to the world, our daily lifestyle has changed remarkably. With the advanced technology nowadays, our quality of life improved. Things like listening music on-the-go, having entertainment, checking e-mail, photo and video shooting, keeping family and friends stay in connection is getting more and more convenient, easy and simple, right on our palm. It’s becoming part of our life now.

iPhone has been an all-time innovative product in modern technology world. Along with its excellent build quality, its beauty and simplicity, it has won the heart of million and million of smartphone users.

Even so, after extensive usage on your phone over the years, it might suffer from wear and tear. Or maybe even becoming unresponsive, which will give you the sluggish or laggy feels and affect your user experience. If you ever encountered this, a simple tip like home button calibration might be the answer for it.

Believe me or not, my iPhone was having an issue with home button. Sometimes when I’m not pressing the home button, the phone itself keep on receiving command from the button. It has been a big issue for me and it’s very annoying when the problem pops up when you half way doing things. After I re-calibrated it, the problem disappeared for a month now. It’s pretty amazing huh, saved up couple of my bucks for more coffee.

Guide to Re-calibrate iPhone Home Button

1. Launch any stock applications on your iPhone, which is those apps that come along with iOS (such as YouTube, weather, clocks, stocks etc).

2. When it is launched, just press and hold Power button on top of your iPhone until “Slide to power off” appears.

3. Now, press and hold the iPhone home button. Keep pressing it until the “Slide to power off” disappear and it returns back to your Springboard.

4. As simple as that, your home button is now calibrated and becomes more responsive.

Give it a try now.

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