Create iPad And iPhone Setting Shortcuts Without Jailbreaking

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Being a nitpicker, I always feel troublesome to change setting of my non-jailbroken iPhone, same goes with the iPad. It could be perfect if Apple has some sort of shortcut feature for iOS device, but it seems that is unlikely to happen. Apparently, this is a big fly in the ointment in the current iOS and the only workaround was to install the Cydia tweaks such as, SBSettings, Homescreen Settings, and SwitcherSettings, which of course required a jailbroken iOS device in the first place.

Simple workaround to create iPad and iPhone setting shortcuts without jailbreaking

It was so inconvenient until Jeff Broderick has developed a brilliant workaround to create shortcut for setting at the Springboard or commonly known as Home Screen. The available shortcut ranging from Bluetooth, WiFi, Siri, and many more. It is merely making the handling of iOS device more simple and effortless. Not to mention the shortcut icon is pretty neat though.

Enough for all the ado, let us show you how to do the little workaround:

(Please take note that this workaround is not working on iOS 5.1 because Apple has removed the URL scheme.)

1. Visit with your iPhone or iPad.

2. Press any shortcut you wanted to add to the home screen.

3. Choose your preferred icon and Install the selected profile. After that, don’t forget to press ‘Done’.

4. Exit to the home screen, and you should able to see the newly installed shortcut icon.

Easy peasy and that’s it!



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