Display Local Weather on iPhone Lock Screen Without Jailbreak

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Display Local Weather on iPhone Lock Screen Without Jailbreak

If I would say, iPhone is pretty good in many aspect; its elegant design, innovative elements, swift response, iOS simplicity, abundant application etc. Each of this aspect sums up to its extraordinary value to every consumers. Apple, Inc. has done a very good job in attracting buyers, re-shaping its brand name and successful in building up its huge fans base around the world.

However, as a smartphone, there is still something missing in its package. Let’s look at the trends of technology, “Widget” is now becoming a hot term in technology world, a terminology that derived from the word “Gadget”. The use of widgets provided us a convenient, quick and time-saving way to display any information that we would like to see, customizable to suite every person’s needs and preferences.

We’ve seen majority of technology beasts have adopted this feature. Windows users can add widgets (known as Gadgets in Windows) to their side panel, that was first introduced in Windows Vista; Similarly, Mac users can add widgets to their dashboard; The new Microsoft Windows phone 7 allows users to place widget-like live tiles to their home screen; and the most appealing, Google Android that packs tons of widget as one of their main features.

So far Apple iOS does not integrate with any sort of customizable widgets, it only featured pages and pages of apps icons. iPhone users will need to launch apps and switching from one to another to view any information. Although iOS 5 does have notification centre where you can take a quick glance at stocks and weather, it is restricted with loads of limitations.

In the past, there were tweaks for displaying live clock and live weather icon, showing various quick toggles (such as brightness, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, airplane mode etc.) on iPhone and actually having a lock screen notification like current iOS 5, but they are only available for jailbroken iPhone. These are some of the main reasons people jailbreak their phone.

This apps, Lock Screen Weather by CrowCafé adopted a rather different way from ordinary apps. It places current weather conditions on the Lock Screen of your iPhone with five-day weather forecast. It also supports both Fahrenheit (°F) and Celsius (°C) scales for temperature. It is interesting to see this apps got approval from Apple as this kinds of apps or tweaks usually only found in Cydia.

Display Local Weather on iPhone Lock Screen Without Jailbreak

Display Local Weather on iPhone Lock Screen Without Jailbreak

And since Apple approved this apps and it’s now available in iTunes, this indicates a good stepping stone for more similar apps. We are anticipated to see much more widget-like apps, to be arising for the massive iPhone users.

[Download] iTunes Link for Lock Screen Weather


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