Free iOS VPN: Bypass Blocked Site Securely

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Previously we have shown you how to bypass blocked website with your iPhone using the HTTP proxy, and we are ahead again to introduce you a free VPN specifically for your iOS devices. If you’re still remember the TunnelBear – a free and reliable PC VPN we recommended before; this time the TunnelBear has rolled out the iOS version for the iPod, iPhone, and iPad too!

Compared with HTTP proxy, this premium VPN works like a charm in the sense of better security, speed, reliability and much more easier to set-up. Unlike the HTTP proxy, the TunnelBear VPN works perfectly in the 3G mode nevertheless.

Same goes to the iOS version, the TunnelBear has generously offered a whopping 1GB (500MB free plan + 500MB twitter promotion) of free data to each user every month, and I believe the free plan provided sufficient bandwidth to immerse yourself in fun with the handheld Apple’s products.

If the term VPN (Virtual Private Network) sounds very new to you, and you not sure what can it do? We strongly recommend to read our previous post – ‘How a Proxy Server System Works and Why Should You Use Proxy Server?‘. Despite it talks about proxy server, the concept and the functions are almost the same.

Apparently, a VPN does more than just bypassing a blocked website. Doesn’t it sound interesting? Keep anything aside and let us show you how to configure your device:

(I will use iPod as the example but other device will work in a similar way too.)

1. First of all, download TunnelBear at the App Store and launch it.

2. Register an account and sign in of course.

Free iOS VPN TunnelBear

3. Then click at the setting (the little gear icon at the right of the top), and press ‘Install Profile’.

4.You will be promptly redirected to a webpage at Safari where you can install the profile. Press ‘I’m Ready’!

Free iOS VPN TunnelBearFree iOS VPN TunnelBear

5. Go to setting > Network > VPN. You will notice 2 VPN (US and UK) configuration have been successfully installed.

6. Choose either one and turn on the VPN.

Free iOS VPN TunnelBear

Free iOS VPN TunnelBear

7. That’s it! You’re now connected to internet as you’re from US or UK.

Free iOS VPN TunnelBear

The ‘Sleeping Bear’ means you’re not connected to the VPN whereas the ‘Working Bear’ and the VPN icon on top show that you’re connected to the internet via the selected VPN.

Take Note:

  • The TunnelBear App requires at least iOS 5.1 to work.
  • You can use TunnelBear’s VPN from anywhere in the world except China.
  • It provides a minimum of AES 128-bit encryption.
  • TunnelBear is 100% completely malware and advertising free.

What The Web Says?

“TunnelBear: The most beautiful VPN app we’ve ever seen… the easiest VPN programs I’ve ever used… well worth upgrading to the paid version.” – TNW


“Using TunnelBear is really easy. Just download and install it, sign up for an account, and choose the location of the content you want to access.” – LifeHacker


“If you’re looking for a reliable cheap fast VPN, give TunnelBear a go. I get the feeling you won’t be disappointed.” – PCWorld


There is a Premium Plan that offers unlimited bandwidth and if you have already purchased the Premium Plan from the PC or Mac application, you will also receive unlimited data for 2 mobile devices. In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a VPN for your iOS device, this is the one you should use without second thought, and this should be one of the App in your ‘must-have’ list. After all, it’s free!


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