[How to] Enter And Exit iphone / ipod touch / ipad From Recovery Mode

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Do you find your iphone/ipod/ipad stucked in recovery mode? Or stucked at screen showing “connect to itunes”? Don’t freak out, you can solve this problem in just a few steps without sending them back to the factory and without the need of restoring your devices, losing all of your valuable data. Here, we teach you how to enter and exit from recovery mode. So stay chilled.

What is Recovery mode?

Make it simple, recovery mode is a condition that your device used for firmware upgrades and restores. However, it will not allow you to downgrade your firmware.


How to exit from recovery mode:

1) Press and HOLD both home button and power button of your device for at least 10 seconds.

2) Once your device turned off, you can turn back on your device simply by pressing the power button.

3) That’s it.

How to put you device into recovery mode:

1) Turn off your device and unplug from computer.

2) Press and HOLD home button, then, connect your device to USB cable.

3) Keep holding until you see the connect to itunes screen. Your itunes will show the following message and you can restore your device with backups or setup it as a fresh new device.


Alternative method:

You can also use RecBoot software (free) for Mac, developed by Sebastien. The interface is pretty simple and allow you to enter/exit your device into recovery mode, especially when you have a faulty power/home button.

However, new version of RecBoot only supports Mac OS. For more information, visit RecBoot developer’s website.

Other than RecBoot, TinyUmbrella software also provides similar functionality, and it supports both Mac and Windows.


[Website Link] Homepage of RecBoot developer.

[Download Link] RecBoot 2.2 for Mac OS.

[Download Link] TinyUmbrella v5.00.12a for Windows.

[Download Link] TinyUmbrella v5.00.12 for Mac OS.



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