[How to] Set Your iTunes Songs As Alarm

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Do you ever think about using your iTunes songs as alarm clock? Or even better, use it as alarm to wake you up in the early of the morning. Thanks to Alarm Clock 2, it made our life’s easier. You will just need to put your Mac to startup/wake automatically, and alarm clock will wake you up with your favourite songs. Even better, it is free of charge.

The setup is simple, just follow several steps below.

 How to set up your Mac to startup/wake automatically:

1. Open your applications folder.

2. Find and click on System Preferences.

3. Select Energy Saver and click schedule.

4. You can then set the time and days for your Mac to startup itself. It is advisable to set your Mac to startup at least 5 minutes before your alarm rings.

Note: Remember to leave your power adapter on before you sleep.


How to set up iTunes songs as alarm using Alarm Clock 2:

1. After you downloaded and installed alarm clock 2, open the application and choose preferences.

2. Under advanced tab, tick on the boxes for “Wake computer from sleep” and “Launch application at login”.

3. You can close the preference, click on the alarm clock from menu bar  and set up a new alarm.

4. From here, you can pick the time and repeating alarm for each day, or even set a specific date for your alarm. On the other menu tab, you will see a list of iTunes songs for you to choose as alarm sound or let your Mac plays your favourite tunes.

Download link at below.












[Download Link] Alarm Clock 2 (v2.4.5) for Mac OS.




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