Install Windows on Mac using Boot Camp

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windows on mac


To install Windows on Mac, you will need:

– A genuine copy of Windows.

– A Mac OS install disc.

– An intel-based Mac with Mac OS X v10.5 and above.

– Some free space in your hard drive. At least 10 GB (for Windows XP or Windows Vista), 16 GB (for 32-bit Windows 7), or 20 GB (for 64-bit Windows 7).

– and of course, Boot Camp Assistant.

boot camp install windows


Guide to Install Windows on Mac using Bootcamp.

1. Open Applications folder – Utilities and click Boot Camp.

2. To install a fresh windows, you need to create a Windows partition first.

windows on mac


3. You can then download drivers automatically from the internet sources, or use a Mac OS install DVD.

windows on mac


4. When partitioning hard disc, just click and drag the divider to spare some hard disc space for your windows.

windows on mac


5. Once finish partitioning, you can insert Windows installation disc and start. Your Mac will reboot itself, so just wait until it gets into Windows installation interface.

windows on mac


6. When Windows installation starts, pick disc partition “bootcamp”.

windows on mac


7. You will need to format the partition by selecting format under the Drive options (Advanced). It will then format your bootcamp partition into NTFS file system.

windows on mac


8. Once installation finish, it will reboot automatically into your new Windows. Your windows will not look well and not functioning properly at this moment because of missing appropriate driver.

starting windows screen


9. Insert your Mac OS install DVD and run “Setup.exe” to install all the essential drivers software for your new windows. Reboot again.

10. If you are using bootcamp version 3.0, it is recommended to update it into latest version. Look for the suitable bootcamp update for your Mac and download it at Apple website.

Notes: To choose which operating system to boot into, press and hold down Option key when your Mac boot.

option key to choose windows or mac os


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