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YouTube is the gateway to stream tons of music for free. Plus the relatively fast and steady speed of the courtesy of Google Server, it makes one of the no-brainer choice for music enthusiast. Alas, the dedicated iOS YouTube Apps doesn’t allow user to play music in the background. The fly in the ointment is something not cool!

The workaround is rather simple and straightforward. We have to abandon the YouTube Apps and head for the internet browser instead.

Visit YouTube via Safari/Chrome and you would be landed on the mobile version of YouTube. Play any song you like and exit to the home screen or switch to any other Apps. Don’t worry, the music would stop or more precisely pause anyway.

Now swipe up the screen to open the control center, and hit the play button. The selected song would continue playing and viola. Now you can do anything with you iPad or iPhone while listening to YouTube music in the background.

How To Play Youtube Music In Background for iPad & iPhone

This workaround works not only in iOS 7 but the earlier iOS as well. Just instead of swiping up, double tap the home button to open the control center for the earlier version. Then swipe right to hit the play button.

However the drawback of this workaround is that you can’t play your whole playlist. It means you can only select one video at a time. Although you can repeat the song via control center but you need to navigate back to the browser to select other video, and repeat the above-mentioned step again. To skip the hassle, my suggestion is to play those ‘playlist’ that contain many song in one video which can be commonly found in YouTube too.

Whether you’re reading or browsing favorite website, you can now play YouTube music in the background. Just let music flow the thinking!


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