iPhone 5: Features And Specs You Should Expect

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The release of the new iPhone 5 is just around the corner, that means rumors and speculations of its long-awaited features have begun to swirl around the Web. With all the information that are available, we will take a look at what could the iPhone offer us in terms of features and specifications. Below is a brief rundown of the most anticipated features of the iPhone 5, whatever it may be called.

1. Overall Designs and Dimensions

The Leaked And Conceptual iPhone 5 The design of the upcoming iPhone will be quite identical to the previous model, it is expected the width of the phone to remain the same as iPhone 4S, except taller in height to incorporate a larger 4-inch display. While the iPhone 4S features a backplate made of glass, most people believe that it would be replaced with a metal backplate which is made of liquidmetal. (a type of metal alloys that provides high tensile strength, excellent corrosion resistance and anti-wearing characteristic) Why not have a glimpse at the ‘Leaked Photos of iPhone 5 and Its Concept‘?

2. Screen

iPhone 4 inch screen

The latest generation iPhone is expected to have a 4-inch screen, bigger than the previous 3.5-inch screen, though most people feel that a 4-inch display is not the optimal size for a Smartphone display. However, a very important fact to note is that with the width and new height of the iPhone combined, we can have a screen with an aspect ratio of about 16:9, which means this device can now be used for 1080p HD videos, movies or pictures etc. Whatever the size though the new iPhone display will almost certainly be Retina display. Some rumors stated that the new iPhone will be coming with a Lag-Free Multi-Touch display, if this is real, definitely it would give the iPhone users the best touch screen experience ever!

3. Processor

iPhone 5 A6 processor

Most of us would presume that the next generation iPhone would feature an Apple A6 processor ( Quad-core chip ) instead of A5 processor (Dual-core chip), doubling its processing capacity from the iPhone 4S.By incorporating A6 processor, it would increase the overall efficiency of the phone with faster processing capability and lower energy consumption.

4. Dock Connector And SIM Card

iPhone 5 Nano SIM Card

The new iPhone has also been rumored to feature a smaller dock connector and nano-SIM. Apple has been using the 30-pin connector that has been part of the Apple products and accessories for years. Well, not to worry much, I believe the adapter will be available pretty soon. At the same time, it’s been reported that carriers have been testing nano-SIMs for the thinner iPhone. Nano-SIMs are 40% smaller than micro-SIM and both these changes will definitely leave more space for the iPhone hardware.

5. Battery

iPhone 5 battery

According to 9to5Mac, the new battery will have a small increment in capacity from the other models, the new battery will have a capacity of 1440 milliamphere-hours or mAh. This certainly doesn’t look so impressive especially if you’re comparing with other phones on the market which most of them have a larger battery capacity. With a larger display and LTE network connectivity, one would presume this coming model requires a higher capacity battery. Unless Apple uses a new, thinner display which is called “in-cell” technology. Well, why crack our head? Just let the engineers and designers do their work and we should know more in just under two weeks.

6. iOS 6

iOS 6

Here is another long-awaited upgrade for the IOS. Among some of the most impressive features include a whole new map from Apple, smarter version of SIRI and Facebook integration, new passbook apps, better FaceTime, etc. Please visit Apple’s websitefor more information.

7. 4G ( 4th Generation Cellular Network )

4G networks, also called LTE ( long term Evolution ) Advanced or mobile WiMAX networks, are next-generation advance wireless technology probably for the next decade. It is capable of transmitting more data with faster rate than a 3G network. With new iPad supporting the 4G network, most people think that the iPhone 5 will be compatible with 4G, though it is still unclear whether it will support the 4G network outside of the US.

8. NFC ( Near Field Communication )

With Apple having announced its new Passbook apps for IOS 6. It is very likely Apple will incorporate this function into the coming new iPhone. NFC allows a device, usually a mobile phone to collect data from another device or NFC tag at close range. NFC technology also allows users to share photos, music or make payments simply by touching both devices to establish a connection. Definitely this feature will provide users with a great experience. While most people have been anticipated for the NFC, rumors are speculating that the new iPhone 5 will not have NFC built into the next-generation iPhone.

9. AirPlay Direct

Airplay for iPhone 5

Airplay allows iDevices to stream audio and video between electronic devices via WiFi network and AirPlay speakers. If NFC turns out to be a fake, then Airplay could certainly help to make up the lack of NFC. However, for sure Apple would require an upgrade version of Airplay. For example, a version that enables iDevices to stream audio or video directly without need of WiFi network, using Bluetooth.


In conclusion, the wait for the iPhone is almost over and all of these iPhone 5 rumors can be put to rest in less than two weeks’ time. Now all we can do is wait for the day to come and hopefully all the rumors come true. Meanwhile, let Apple do its magic and amaze us again..

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