Surefire Way To Block iPhone Incoming Calls And SMS With SMSNinja

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At times, you just want to get rid of all the pesky calls and enjoy a cup of coffee in serenity. We might not able to make an exotic coffee for you at this moment, but isolating you from unnecessary disturbance could be a piece of cake with the little help of SMSNinja.

Surfire way to block iPhone icoming calls and SMS with SMSNinja

SMSNinja is a hidden gem (App) in Cydia which has a powerful firewall to block any blacklisted calls and SMS based on the selected phone numbers or keywords. Yes! It’s free but of course, you’ll need a jailbroken iPhone in first place. In addition to the primary functions, SMSNinja does offer other handy features too. Let’s see how it can be done:

Blacklist Contacts:

1. Launch Cydia from your iPhone. Search for SMSNinja and install the package as per instruction.

2. After installation, you’ll notice a pretty sleek icon (SMSNinja) at the Springboard. Launch it!

3. Turn on the SMSNinja and press “Black & Whitelist”. Choose “black” at the top and you can blacklist any contacts by adding the numbers from various options given.

4. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, that’s it! You can have a cup of coffee now.. peacefully.

Other Features and Tips


As I said earlier, SMSNinja is a versatile tweak for iPhone. While blocking incoming calls or SMS, it has an automatic reply feature to send an editable SMS to the caller or sender. This is particularly useful when you’re in a meeting or sleeping after a tedious night shift; you merely don’t want others to disturb but still keeping them informed. On top of that, you can enable the blocking feature at the prescribed period of time instead of keeping it on permanently.Surfire Way To Block iPhone Icoming Calls With SMSNinja

Yet another excellent feature of SMSNinja is the password locking. If you have set a password, you’ll be prompted to enter the password each time you launch SMSNinja. Meanwhile, you can also use the same password to lock the contacts, phone and messages to provide some sort of security and privacy for free. This is certainly a shame to cellphone service provider, who charged the users for extra security.

Additionally, you can establish a secure and off-record communication history for contacts which are added to the private list. This means no records will be stored at the native phone app of iPhone. However, you can still trace all the call records at the private zone of SMSNinja.

What sets SMSNinja apart from other similar tweaks in Cydia is its ability of rules customization for messages. Again, you can blacklist a few keywords so that when such words are detected in the messages, the particular message will be blocked automatically.


SMSNinja indisputably is one of the must have tweak for all jailbroken iPhone. It makes a better iPhone! Don’t you think so?

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