The New Apple’s iPad: Noteworthy Features And Pricing

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The recent atmosphere was teemed by the next iPad’s rumor. However, Apple has raised its curtain, and all the rumor has come to the end after the official Apple’s “We Have Something Really Have To See. And Touch” event, which was held at San Francisco a day before.

New iPad's key features and pricing

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In a nutshell, the event was expectedly fueled by waves of surprises and excitement. Tim Cook has rocked the whole show to the max when he was unveiling the long-anticipated star of the night – 3rd-generation of iPad/the new iPad. To clear everyone doubts, we have listed down the pricing for different model, and summarized some of key features, which we think are nice to know, especially for all the iPad fans.

Retina Display

The new iPad  has a whooping 2048×1536-pixel resolution at 264 pixels per inch of retina display. This is the 4 times higher resolution than the previous iPad 2, and even the highest video format 1080p would only use two-thirds of the pixels available on the screen. Doesn’t it sound a bit of overkill for you? Indisputably, Apple has provoked a new resolution war of tablet’s display.

A5X Processor

It’s an upgraded processor for the new iPad, and in fact it’s a dual-core processor rather than quad-core. However, A5X has the quad-core graphics abilities to process graphic only, whereas the dual-core processor would take care of the application. It’s a no-brainer evolution as higher resolution display would require a stronger processor to support it.

Another stunning fact is, Apple claimed that the A5X processor has 4 times better graphic performance over its rival – NVidia Tegra 3 quad core processor, which is being widely used by most of the Android-based smartphone and tablet. In return, NVidia has responded with a comment “Certainly flattering”, and they will purchase the new iPad to do a benchmark test in soon.

iSight Camera

The camera is one of  biggest leap of hardware upgrade in the new iPad. During the event, Apple has confirmed the new iPad will feature an upgraded 5-megapixel iSight camera with backside illumination, white balance, face detection, hybrid infrared filter,advanced optic, Apple designed-ISP, and the most stunning 1080p video recording ability!

In accordance with Apple, the advanced optic and backside illumination technology will improve picture quality at low light condition. As well, thanks to the A5X processor, the camera will have auto-stabilization too. Despite the new iPad’s camera doesn’t have 8 megapixel as the iPhone 4s, but it’s good enough to produce great quality photo though!

Voice Dictation

Unfortunately, Siri is not in the show at this time, but it seems we have a teaser version of it at the new iPad. The new iPad feature a voice dictation function as an alternative to the virtual keyboard. By pressing a microphone button, you can use your voice to compose message, email, document plus many other thing which are normally executed by the virtual keyboard. No doubt, it’s a much convenient feature to replace the typical typing.


Apparently, the new iPad is the first Apple product to have 4G supported. 4G LTE is a high-speed wireless broadband technology, which has 10 times faster than the 3G speed! This amazing 4G feature would allow the new iPad to reach maximum download speed of 73 Mbps. However, please take note that the 4G works only at USA and Canada currently, but all the LTE model would support 3G too.

Find out more at  Apple’s official site.

Pricing of the 3rd-Generation iPad:

Wi-Fi Model

$499.00 16GB
$599.00 32GB
$699.00 64GB

Wi-Fi + 4G Model

$629.00 16GB
$729.00 32GB
$829.00 64GB

Despite the major improvement and hardware upgrade, Apple has decided to maintain the price for the 3rd-generation iPad. At the meantime, Apple will continue to supply the iPad 2 in a 16GB model for $399, with a Wi-Fi + 3G model available for $529. After seeing the specification and pricing, the last question remained,”Would you buy the new iPad?” Let us know at the comment.



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