Top 5 iOS Apps To Download Daily Free Paid Apps

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The easiest way to get a paid apps for free without jailbreaking your iOS devices is to stay updated the free promotion offered in the App Store. The reason of such promotion is explained in the previous post- 10 websites to download free paid apps, and in nutshell, it’s a purely marketing strategy.

It must not confuse with the freemium-based apps. The one we’re talking here is the paid and ‘Ad-free’ apps, in which the developers adjust their prices on a regular basis even making apps free for a limited time. Hence, to grab those free paid apps in such a short promotion period, we need a quick-accessible tool to keep us updated in all times.

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What is the handy tool?

Instead of asking “Uncle Google” to search for daily free apps, there is multitude of apps to notify you about any latest freebie or price-drop at the App Store, and without doubt, these apps are free too. Today, we have picked the cream of crop. All you have to do is to download the apps, and it will do all the hassle. Get ready at the App Store, and list after jump:



As the name implied, it mines the App Store looking for new and updated apps as well as monitors price for changes everyday. Additionally, you can create your own watch list to monitor any wanted apps and push notification is available for the watch list too.



The user interface is intuitive and neat. You can easily share the app promotions with your friends via email or thru the social networking site with the built-in function. Don’t forget to check out the stat report of how many apps you have downloaded and how much money you saved. Pretty cool report though!



There are 3 million people are using Appsfire to discover the free apps at App Store; it is one of the crowded apps indeed. The outstanding feature of Appsfire compared with others is that you are able to check out the apps used by your friend and vice versa by connecting to your Facebook account, and thus forming a social network of Apple’s apps.



In addition to the regular news update of free apps, FreeAppWin conducts contests on daily basic to give away Amazon Gift Card, which can up to $200 dollars at sometime.



Yet another app to notify daily free paid apps with a springboard-like user interface. As well, it has a built-in weblog to provide the users the latest news of iOS apps.


It’s not necessary to download all the apps recommended above. Pick the one suit you the most, and you’ll be surprised the money you can save without sacrificing the thrill of paid apps. Lastly, if you have any other recommendations for a quality app that is similar, please do share it to us at the comments.



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