Turn Your iPhone Into A ‘Logitech’ Wireless Mouse [How To]

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Logitech Touch Pad

The famous mouse manufacturer-Logitech has unveiled another inherent capability of the great iPhone by turning it into a wireless mouse, or more precisely the wireless touchpad. Surprisingly, you can get the ‘mouse’ free and without the need to jailbreak the phone. It’s working perfectly with iPod touch too. Let’s find out how:

The Procedure:

Server selecting interface of Touch Pad

Control mouse with iPhone Touch Pad

1. Download Touch Mouse from the App Store.

2. Download and install the Logitech Touch Mouse server to your computer based on the operating system. It supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Macintosh OS X flawlessly.

3. Make sure your iPhone is connected to the same WiFi network as the computer you wanted to control.

4. Launch the app at the iPhone as well as the server at your computer.

5. You should able to detect your computer at the apps now. Choose to connect it and just enjoy the cool stuff. Don’t forget you can also customize the ‘wireless mouse’ at the setting page of the apps.

Typing text with iPhone Touch Pad

Setting Page of iPhone Touch Pad


Sometimes, you may encounter some unknown errors, and hopefully the tips given below can help you:

1. Add exception for Touch Mouse if your firewall is enabled. Otherwise, turn off the firewall although it’s not advisable.

2. If connected to a public or school network, it may require to manually enter your computer’s IP address, and this can be done at the server selection page at the apps.

3. High traffic network may cause sluggish performance. Try to connect to a local or ad-hoc(computer to computer) network instead.

*It’s important to take note that the Touch Mouse doesn’t encrypt the typed information between your iPhone and computer. As such, it not advisable to use Touch Mouse in public area or typing sensitive and private information.

That’s it! You can now check your email, and surf the net from the comfort of your couch as well as to take control of your presentation from anywhere in the room with no line of sight limitation. In a nutshell, your creativity is the only constrain of versatility of Touch Mouse. Lastly, do not forget to share this post with your friend if you find it’s cool.



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