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YouTube is the gateway to stream tons of music for free. Plus the relatively fast and steady speed of the courtesy of Google Server, it makes one of the no-brainer choice for music enthusiast. Alas, the dedicated iOS YouTube Apps doesn’t allow user to play music in the background. The fly in the ointment is something not cool!

The workaround is rather simple and straightforward. We have to abandon the YouTube Apps and head for the internet browser instead.

Visit YouTube via Safari/Chrome and you would be landed on the mobile version of YouTube. Play any song you like and exit to the home screen or switch to any other Apps. Don’t worry, the music would stop or more precisely pause anyway.

Now swipe up the screen to open the control center, and hit the play button. The selected song would continue playing and viola. Now you can do anything with you iPad or iPhone while listening to YouTube music in the background.

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Following the shutdown announcement of Hackulous, you can no longer install cracked apps in the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad anymore. In short, no more Jailbreak to get free candy! This could be a pain in the ass if you’re avid Installous user, but on the flip side, this is no doubt the best news for an app developer would like to hear.

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12 Best iPad Stands —  January 25, 2013 — Leave a comment

Vertical or horizontal? Table top or lap top? Comfort or convenience? With the myriad of iPad stands out there, this dilemma is over – you can now position your iPad any way and anywhere you desire. Check out these 12 very stylish stands that complement your iPad perfectly. Read More

Purikura might sound like an outlandish term to you, but on the flip side, it caught multitude of hearts especially among the teenage female culture. So what is Purikura and why is it so appealing? It boils down to a question which answer can easily be sought: Do you remember the photo booth that can fit up to 5 or more people inside to take photo together, and each comes with an editing screen which allows you to customize or add effects to the photo? Yes, the photo booth is a Purikura or vice versa.

Back to the 1990 when Purikura was first introduce, it created a big buzz in Japan, and soon after it spread globally in a lightning speed due to its popularity. Still until today, it’s a popular and fun activity you can do with friends; by just spending a few dollars you can buy not just the beautiful photos but a fond memory that lasts.

With the advent of Smartphone, the big piece of photo booth has morphed into thousands line of code – the mighty App. Now, you can have various theme of Purikura in the form of App, which practically lets you bring the virtual photo booth to any places you liked and of course to catch any moment.

We took it up a notch to recommend you a list of best free Purikura Apps for the iOS devices. You can either store the photos in the digital form or print it out just like the good old days. Have fun and list after the jump:

Charuca Purikura

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Clearly you can see below I have added my website logo (Tezeal) at my iPhone’s home screen. It looks neat and stylish, doesn’t it? In this article, we’re going to teach how to add your website logo to the home screen of any iOS devices, including iPod Touch and iPad. It’s very simple, and all you need to do is just follow the steps.

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iPad is the one of the most popular tablet made by Apple Inc. Offering the best device in the market, there is a need for accessories to keep our iPad devices safe, or to customize the outer look with varieties of casing design.

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From morning sickness, parched lips to shivering and chills at night, being pregnant is a difficult journey. However, with the proper way of harnessing the efficacy of technology, pregnancy can be much easier and lovely too.

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The very first thing that should be mentioned under such a title is that there’s no official Windows tool for developing iOS applications (and I’m not sure that they’ll appear)…

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Previously we have shown you how to bypass blocked website with your iPhone using the HTTP proxy, and we are ahead again to introduce you a free VPN specifically for your iOS devices.

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