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The advent of Smartwatch will radically revolutionize the way we behave and interact everyday. The new wearable gadget on our wrist would not just function as a timekeeper anymore, but also serves as an assistant to deliver tons of task.

By connecting to the Smartphone in most of the cases or otherwise, we can control the music, record video, read email, answer phone call, run numerous apps, capture biometric data and many more function on the fly. While your phone is completely out of reach, it simply killed the hurdle!

Top 15 Noteworthy Smartwatches of 2013

It has been years for small yet nimble startups dabbled with Smartwatch, testing the water. But now the giants, big tech-companies are not longer sitting quietly and have decided this is the right time to join the battleground. With the whole different level of resources, we of course expected to be impressed more.

The list of Smartwatch is getting longer in a very fast pace. If you have a Smartwatch in your shopping list, you might not know which suits you the best. For this, we sifted through maze and highlighted 15 noteworthy Smartwatches in the market now so that you would have all in one clear picture. List after the jump! Read More