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We were lying through our teeth each time we ticked the little box of “I Have Read And Understood the Terms of Service”. In fact we just probably treated it as yet another procedure to proceed. This is no doubt the biggest lie of the Web, and ironically we just aware of it.

Terms of Service; Didn’t Read

Candidly, most of the Terms of Service is written with excessive amount of legal terminology which is also long enough to deter the general reader. It’s however imperative to at least get a grasp prior making any agreement, particularly in the case that involved our right and privacy. TOSDR is here to cut your understanding curve for the daunting thousand words. Read More

Even for the experienced traveller, planning for a perfect trip is an arduous endeavor. Not to mention to get inundated by the variety of hotel choices while trying to nail the budget at the same time, visa requirement is just another important thing in the check list too.


Confusion even added when the visa requirement varies for different citizen, and it seems there is no an explicit and convenient way to check it out except referring to the relevant embassy in the old days. Now of course a better solution that we can’t wait to introduce to you is Visamapper. Read More

It’s an era of speed, there is a perpetual need to think fast, act fast, and also type fast. Alas not everyone is a typist. It took times and rounds of practice to become one. In this case, a dictation tool becomes particularly useful.

A dictation tool is a speech recognition tool to transcribe your voice into words. You can use it to dictate search queries, compose email and even to the extent of blogging. Online dictation tool turns up a notch to add few extra advantage. Not only it is free, lighter, but it skips the hassle installation process too. A microphone and a connected internet browser are all you required to use it on the go.

A very interesting study showed that the average workers spend nearly 4 hours per day writing email with average typing speed of 33 words per minute. Whereas the dictation tools could reach a speed of 100 words per minute.

After sifted through the maze, we have found the best 2 online dictation tools as below:

Digital Inspiration

Best Online Dictation Tools Read More

Remember we did a review of Piktochart – an intuitive tool to create infographic? Together with the 170k users and the whopping $40k monthly revenue, the Malaysia-based startup has again pitched to a new milestone by rolling out the brand new version today. So what does the tool carries this time? Let’s see…

Click here to visit Piktochart.

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Youtube is ranked at No.3 on the web in terms of traffic. From the data, I believed the big portion of the internet user are really enjoying the thrill of watching videos on Youtube..

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Reading on the internet is fun but undeniably it has its fly in the ointment too. In other words, we tend to lose our attention to the text which carrying weight and unconsciously get diverted by other not relevant elements instead..

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It has been a while since Facebook rolled out its timeline feature and dressed up the profile page with an image known as timeline cover. The cover has become the first-sight of everyone when landed on someone’s profile page..

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Online photo editor is a rising trend and excellent engaging way to edit photo with one-click-tweak filter effects. While professional photographer produces photos with exceptional photography skill or edit with sophisticated program..

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Piktochart is a web-based tool to create beautiful yet interactive infographic in a cinch. Rather than designing an infographic in a stereotypical way, which required highly meticulous and technical endeavor, Piktochart gives you more room of attention at the..

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