Add Background Picture to Your Facebook with Facebook Background Changer

Vincent —  February 27, 2012 — 1 Comment

In the past few years, Facebook has provided us a great platform for self-presentation, networking and a virtual place to hangout with our friends and family. Within this short period of time, people’s addiction and dependent on Facebook has fed it and grow it into a successful, enormous tech company.

If I would say, so far Facebook has not given much freedom for us to customize our account (except our profile picture). Freedom is being granted more on how we want to view our news feeds, sorting out our friend lists, organizing our photo album and etc.

With the recent released Facebook Timeline, everyone can sort of personalize their own Facebook profile with a timeline cover photo. You could see some creative, unique and mind blowing Facebook Timeline here and get yourself a special Facebook cover photo in our Download section.

But here in Tezeal, we introduce you today is a trick to bring personalization one step forward. In fact, it is a trick for Google Chrome users.

The Facebook Background Changer is a google browser extension that allows you to change your default, plain Facebook background with a great selection of background pictures.

There are 36 background pictures for you to choose from, and selecting any of them will apply it straight to your Facebook. Other than that, the settings let you apply the background as fixed or scrollable background as well as adjusting the opacity of it.

Add Background Picture to Your Facebook with Facebook Background Changer

Add Background Picture to Your Facebook with Facebook Background Changer

Note: As Facebook Background Changer is a browser extension for Google Chrome, the background picture will only be applicable and view-able for the particular computer that installed it.

In the upcoming version, Facebook Background Changer 2.0, will allow you to pick your favourite wallpaper and apply it to decorate your Facebook. This is a much anticipated update for us and we would hope that they will roll out the new version soon.

So start picking your wallpaper now and make them your own personal facebook background!


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