[App Review] Increase Internal Memory For Android Phones

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Some of you may be frustrated on your android phone’s internal memory always reaching its limits. If you are not too keen on rooting your phone and installing custom rom, this is the simplest guide to help you free your phone, using App2SD app (free).

The Problem & Solution

While most of the phones now packed with higher internal memory (also referred it as ROM), many models (low-end to mid-end phones) still comes at about 512 mb memory. The situation is even worse when you find your out-of-the-box phones only gives more or less 200mb of internal spaces for application.

App2SD make uses of stocked “App to SD” function in your android OS and built on top of it. Given great user interface of App2SD, it let you quickly look through supported apps and move them into your SD card, 1-click to clean all app cache as well as viewing space availability of your phone and SD card.

As this apps utilises of stocked “App to SD” function in your phone, it will only move part of your applications into SD card while leaving portion of it in your phone. Unless your phone is rooted, this is the only way for you.



Here is an easy way to increase your internal space availability without rooting your android phone.


Simple Guide To Free Your Phone Internal Memory Space:

1. Download App2SD from market.

2. After installation, open App2SD and you will find icons of apps that found in your SD card and those that is in your phone internal memory.

3. Select those apps that you want to be transferred to your SD card and start moving them.

Notes: For those apps that came along with widgets, it is advisable to remain them in your phone internal memory. Widgets will mostly loss its functionality once the apps are transferred to SD card.

[Market Download Link] App2SD for Android


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