5 Great Features of Google Plus

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Does Google+ considered as a Facebook-inspired clone? To an extend, NO! There are some of the great features of Google+ that you might need to check out, where it aims at giving users a much more friendly, convenient and awesome social networking experience.


Circles+ is a system to categorize friends and used on sharing with a mass group of friends but on targeted sharing with various social groups.  Circles allow putting selective friends into relevant Circles and selective sharing to the right group of persons, instead of everyone else get whatever you publicly share. In term of usage, your updates can be seen by everyone, or selected people. The privacy, the posts, and the entire social interaction are automatically customized.

Hang out

Hang out is another great mark by google+ and as its mean, Hangout all the time through social interaction! This feature allows user to invite specific contacts or even entire Circles into a video conference. Different participants can invite different people to the conference. Group chat allow different platform such as mobile and pc to chat across. So far mobile only restricted to Android mobile phone. The google chat interface is similar to the google talk which is very simple. Bear in mind the total capacity on hangout is actually 25.

Instant Upload

Taking photos is fun. Sharing photo is fun as well. There are a lot of photos and videos are still lingering in cameras and smartphones just because people are too indolent or too hectic to upload it into social network such as Facebook. It is slow on the progress from capture a photo -> save in pc -> upload to Facebook.

Google’s instant upload provide a suitable way to uploading all photos and videos to a private Google+ album. People are free from the practice of upload photos and enjoy in edit or post the photo from private album into Google+. Quantity of photo uploads are unlimited. Photos larger than 2,048 by 2,048 pixels will automatically be resized when uploading. This function is similar for video uploads. Video uploads can up to 15 minutes and up to 1080 pixels. Currently this attribute still restricted to Android smart phone.


Spark allows to add interest (eg. Technology, Fashion, Sport, etc) and share comment on this spark with Circles. This feature is not much difference with Facebook. The only thing is Google+ can post directly to Circles, which might make the experience better compared to Facebook.

“What’s Hot” Stream

This is a google plus users long-awaited, brand new feature that google introduced few days ago. You can view some hottest topic around the world, looking for unexpected content or even having fun viewing animated gif.

However,  “What’s hot” will be constantly showing up on your Google+ stream. Love it or hate it, there are no ways to remove it from your main stream view at the moment except collapse it into smaller section, not until Google themselves implement the option in it.


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