Optimal Size Dimension For Google Plus Cover Picture

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One of the remarkable feature introduced in the latest revamped Google Plus is indisputably the profile or page cover. It is sort of header image at the top of your profile page, where you can unleash your creativity to create a jaw-dropping landing ground for your visitor. Since then, there are many ready-made cover pictures pop out at the net and you can easily download it for free.

Alternatively, if you’re the person who enjoys the thrill of designing and loves so much of uniqueness, then the size of the cover picture is the first thing you should find out. In addition to the new profile photo size, Google Plus does offer two different layout for the cover picture too. Don’t not worry, we have all the optimal sizes for you:

Default Template

Optimal size for Google Plus picture

Example of Google Plus Cover

Image Source: Chris Messina

As you can see, your profile photo is placed at the right and the default template allows you to upload a cover picture behind it. As well the profile photo is relatively bigger than the previous one.

New Goole Plus profile photo’s size: 250×250 pixels

Default cover picture’s size: 940×180 pixels

Thumbnail Template

Optimal size for Google Plus thumbnail picture

Example of Google Plus thumbnail cover

Image Source: ZiNG

In this template, Google Plus allows the user to upload 5 thumbnail pictures for the cover. No doubt, this feature has definitely opened up a new door of creativity to the users.

Google Plus thumbnail cover picture’s size: 110×110 pixels


Hope you find the given cover sizes as useful as we thought and if you have designed a stunning cover, don’t forget to show it at the comments. We definitely would like to see!



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