Top 10 MUST Have Free Apps For Android Devices (Part 2)

Vincent —  October 7, 2011 — Leave a comment

6. AndroXplorer File Manager

Once in a while, you might find your stuffs scattered around in your SD card, hardly find them and sometimes wanted to relocate some of your files to your destined folders. AndroXplorer file manager is your best solution. It is intuitive, supports multiple file viewing pages for quick navigation, search functionality lets you screen through all of your files and relocates those files easily in a few touch. Pro version is available for some extra features like file encryption, extraction and compression.



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7. Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin Browser is powerful, fast and feature-rich internet browser. Its tabbed browser saves your time from switching from one webpage to another, supports multi-touch pinch-to-zoom for better viewing experiences and highly customisable gestures function that let you interacts with the browser. There are several add-ons that you can get from the market to customise your own preferences for the browser. Apart from that, there are two side bars integrated into the browser, where left hand side allow you to access bookmarks rapidly while right hand side let you make uses of add-ons that you installed. You can also view webpages in full screen mode.



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8. Foursquare

Foursquare is a alternative, entertaining location-based social network that let you interact with your friends through places that you visited. Every time you visited a place, you can leave your comments and share photo to your Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter account. In addition to that, whenever you check in a place, you can gains points and collects different badges for your profile, competes with friends or even becoming a virtual mayor for a location. You can also explore and view any recommendation around the area for different stuffs.



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9. PicSay – Photo Editor

 If you love editing photo, this might suite you. PicSay is easy to use, packed with several useful and entertaining features for editing photo. You can adjust colour, exposure and more, as well as adding special effects, words and graphical images to your photo. Pro version gives you extra tools and a whole selection of effects.



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10. Springpad

This can be your everyday-use note-taking application. Springpad helps you keep everything in order with ease. You can take notes, write out your to-do list, or even record audio, take images and save it to your device, it’s dead easy. Springpad also utilises cloud service, which sync and backup your stuff to its server. Of course, you will need to register an account from them. The application also comes with widgets, allow you to check through your list from your homescreen and let you rapidly add stuff to your springpad in just a click.



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