Top 10 MUST Have Free Apps For Android Devices (Part 1)

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First day having your Google android-based OS device, excited and yet puzzled when browsing through its apps market? While there are tons of apps in the market for you to choose, it is time-consuming to figure out which serves you the best. No more worries, here in Tezeal, we listed top 10 of the must-have applications for Google android devices.


1. Lookout Security and Antivirus

Google android is an open source OS, this feature cause it prone to viruses, malwares and even dangerous trojans. There are quite a few antivirus softwares that are available in the market, but in my opinion, none of them beats this master of Antivirus in mobile industry. Lookout Antivirus software is simple, extremely user-friendly and installation is smooth. The software is constantly running in your phone, monitoring each installed application, downloaded file and runs full system scan once in a while.

Premium version is also available with extra features to protect your phone such as block phishing (safe browsing), remote phone locking if your phone is lost, privacy advisor and advanced backup.



[Market Download Link]


2. Quickpic

Nowadays, most phone are well equipped with high resolution camera and most of us already used to take photos with their handphone. As the photos in your phone increasing day by day, ones might find their phone begins to suffer from severe lag when loading those images. Quickpic provides an alternative way to view images and video over stock gallery. It is by far the fastest and the best among other photo viewing software.

The programme itself is speedy and sleek, very responsive when loading and browsing through all of your photos. On top of that, it provides tons of extra features, such as hiding certain photos, encrypt them with password, include or exclude some of the folders you desired, play animated-gif files, rename folders, move or copy folder and etc.



[Market Download Link]


3. Facebook for Android

This is official apps of famous social networking site, facebook, a must-have application for every facebook users. The app shares some of the similar function as browser, allow users to upload photo, video, share link, comment, etc. Just download it, connect and good to go.



[ Market Download Link]


4. Pulse News

RSS feed at-a-glance. This is a wonderful and beautiful RSS reader, distinct from all the others, that let users quickly browse through every RSS feed of different sources with its intuitive interface. You can too sync the news feed and read it offline, share them to facebook, twitter, or even sms. There are library of RSS sources within the app itself for you to choose with, fashions, techs, news, sports and more. Widgets are available in 4×1 and 4×2 sizes.

New version allows you to save your article to account.




[Market Download Link]


5. Dropbox

If you unaware, cloud storage is the hottest topic in town. Cloud storage simply means storing any files into the server and you will be able to access to your file wherever you have internet. Your precious files that sync into the server will be secured on the internet even if you lost your phone. Dropbox offers free cloud storage service and let you store your documents, photos and videos on to their server. Once installed, you can easily share a file to the server, view, modify, or download file into your mobile devices.



[Market Download Link]

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