7 Smartphone Apps For The Tech-Savvy Mother-To-Be [Infographic]

W.K —  November 20, 2012 — Leave a comment

Compared with the old days, the modern mum or mum-to-be knows better in harnessing the power of technology in the planing of their parenting, conception and pregnancy. A survey shows that 82 per cent of mums use the internet as a primary medium to seek advice on child raising. As well the same survey found that these mothers tend to spend over 10 hours per week on their tablets and have more than 20 Apps on their tablets, in comparison to spending less than 2 hours per week on a PC.

Another survey also shows that 31 percent of mums would like a tech gadget for Mother’s Day over anything else. These solidify the fact that the most of the modern mums are tech-savvy and technology plays a role in their routine.

To give you a better picture, PartyPail has designed a beautiful infographic which detailed of how technology interacts with the modern mums and more interestingly, what are the favorite Smartphone Apps among the expectant lovely mothers. Check it out:

Smartphone Apps for the Tech Savvy Mommy-To-Be


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