Health Risks of Using Mobile Device [Weekly Infographic]

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Health Risks of Using Mobile Device [Weekly Infographic]

How many hours do you use your mobile device? There are something you should know if you are among those who spend hours and hours of time in front of your mobile device and your computer.

As these technology are easily available now, it became part of our lives. It is the needs and necessity for us to use them whenever we wanted. However, most of us are still unaware of the potential health risks that it could bring to us. This is something everyone of us should know and beware of, living a healthy lifestyle without over committing ourselves into the fancy technology world.

This infographic generally explained the common health risks that may haunt the rest of your life. Extensive usage of mobile phone could cause major eyesight problem (known as Computer Vision Syndrome), hearing (Tinnitus), inaccurate body posture when using mobile phone and computer as well as affecting your quality of sleep. Or even worse, using mobile phone while driving could heavily distract you from the surroundings, thus increasing your chances of crash by 4 times (on call) or 23 times (texting).

Health Risks of Using Mobile Device [Weekly Infographic]

Sharing is caring. Share this valuable information to your family and friends, let them know about it and start taking care of their health. Taking precaution is better than cure.


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