iOS and Android Apps: The Big Boss in Gaming Software Revenue [Weekly Infographic]

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A rather simple inforgraphic of Flurry illustrated the portable gaming software in 2011. Remember the years when Nintendo Gameboy virtually dominated portable gaming? Well, there weren’t much player by that time and we don’t have much choice on portable gaming consoles.

After awhile, Sony joined the game and introduced their PlayStation Portable. PSP was indeed a great hit and became the toughest competitor for Nintendo. It is considerably famous in many country, and Sony also released a few different model of PSP. Nintendo fought back with more Gameboy series portable console and eventually the Nintendo DS.

Statistic of gaming software revenueImage Credit: Apple

The gameplay keep on changing and it becomes different in these few years, especially when smartphone kicks in. Sony has tried hard in creating new style of gaming with their touch screen Playstation Vita lately. On the other hand, Nintendo released their New 3DS to keep up with the fight.

The battle getting more and more intense. In 2 years period, the combined revenue of portable gaming software in iOS and Android significantly grow from 19% to a whooping 58%. Sony does not seem affect much in their revenue but Nintendo took a hard punch on their face indeed, revenue shrinking drastically from 70% down to 36% only.

Everyone does want a piece of the tasty and delicious pie, and smart phone showed every players in portable gaming industry who’s the real boss.

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