The Evolution of Apple iPhone [Weekly Infographic]

Vincent —  January 11, 2012 — Leave a comment

 iphone evolution


The evolution of Apple iPhone began in year 2007, when it was first introduced to the world. Apple iPhone could be regarded as an all-time innovative, intuitive product for the smartphone industry. Its appearance changed much of our lifestyle, and many sees it as a baseline for most smartphone manufacturers.

It’s been a routine that Apple releases a new model of iPhone each year. In year 2007, they introduced the fresh looking iPhone that sparked the mobile industry; Year 2008, they released 3G-capable iPhone; A year later, they upgraded iPhone 3G into 3GS with promising speed and performance; In 2010, a reworked iPhone released with elegant and sleek design, sporting tons of brand new features.

Year 2011 was the best year for Apple, its newest Apple iPhone 4S with virtual personal assistant – Siri broke their previous record as the best selling iPhone in the first week. We’ll see what Apple will come up with in this year, in order to keep up in the intense fight with other smartphone manufacturers, especially the sky-rocketing Google Android and Windows Phone 7.

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