What Gadgets ‘Constituted’ An iPad? [Infographic]

W.K —  April 11, 2012 — Leave a comment

Don’t be surprised if you found a Gameboy, e-reader, music player, camera plus many other gadgets inside an iPad. This is what  it does. Not to say iPad is a metal box locker to keep stuffs, but it’s capability to serve all the gadget’s function is needless to be doubted, and some have done even better.

Undeniably, the preference in the gadget world has switched to something more handy and versatile. The trend has bought up multitudinous all-in-one gadgets and obviously, iPad is the most successful one. Many iconic gadgets which was once shaking the world during its prime time have now becoming an obsolete fad, and being replaced by the magical window – iPad. Interested of what gadgets have actually ‘constituted’ iPad? Check out the infographic below: 

Infographic of what gadgets constituted an iPad

Source: NextWorth



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