27 Most Unique Christmas Gifts You Can Buy Online

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Too busy or simply bored of Christmas shopping because, honestly, how exciting is getting yet another book or mug for your favorite people? Turn it around this season and make this Christmas absolutely memorable with these quirky but awesome gifts, all available just a click away.

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(All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars.)

1. Eggling

Eggling - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


True story: you can hatch a plant. Simply crack open the Eggling and get ready to grow a garden. Made of white bisque, the Eggling comes with a peat mixture, terracotta tray and seeds. Just add water and let the magic begin.

2. Colour-Changing Umbrella

Color Changing Umbrella - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


Rain or shine, you can depend on this umbrella to tell you what the weather’s like. Printed with special ink that’s white when dry, the cloud brightens up into a rainbow of colors when it comes in contact with water. With this umbrella, rainy days aren’t so gloomy after all.

3. Reebok Dumbbell Set

Reebok Dumbbell Set - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


Fitness buffs would not be able to resist this set of vibrantly colored dumbbell set from Reebok. Vinyl coated and packed away in a similarly attractive storage case, each set comes with a pair of 1 kg, 2 kg and 3 kg weights.

4. Camera Lens Mug Best Bits

Camera Lens Mug Best Bits - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


Take a second look – this is not camera lens. It’s a mug that’s modeled after the signature Canon EF 28-135 mm lens. With a durable plastic container that’s perfect to keep both hot and cold beverages when you are on the go, the detachable lens cover lid also doubles up as an anti-spill coaster. A note of warning though: the camera lens coffee mug replicates the camera dials and details to utter perfection – so make sure you don’t keep this in your camera bag along with the real thing! It just won’t click.

5. 7 in 1 Emergency Auto Tool

7 in 1 Emergency Auto Tool - - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


Don’t be fooled by the mere size of this gadget. Preparing you for any emergency on the road, there’s an automatic glass breaker, safety blade seat belt cutter, sonic alarm, red emergency flasher, LED flashlight, thermometer and digital tire gauge – all neatly packed into one key chain holder.

6. BBQ Branding Iron

BBQ Branding Iron - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


Tired of people stealing your food? Claim your steak with this branding iron. Each set comes with letters and symbols, allowing you to brand words (and warnings) onto your steaks. Spell it, heat it and put your mark on your meat.

7. Snow Globe Salt and Pepper Shakers

Snow Globe Salt and Pepper Shakers - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


Black for pepper, white for salt; instructs this pair of polar bears shakers. Designed to look like snow globes, these shakers add just the right amount of zest to your dining table. Shake away and fill your mealtimes with amusement.

8. Falling Stack Bookend

Falling Stack Bookend - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


The best stories are the ones with the best drama. So are the best bookends, like this Falling Stack Bookend. This metal bookend has its support tilted to a particular angle, mimicking that climatic moment when one is about to be crushed to death. But, no worries, the books won’t fall – this is one sturdy, solid bookend.

9. Clever Putty

Clever Putty - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


Whether you want to release stress or get a little creative with your hands, Clever Putty is the way to go. The silvery putty can be squeezed, moulded, twisted, stretched and bounced like a ball, giving you endless ways to relieve those restless fingers.

10. Banana Saver Guard

Banana Saver Guard - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


Now you can keep bananas fresh, firm and intact wherever you go with this Banana Saver Guard. Preventing damage and bruising to your fruit while on the move, the protective case accommodates any size and shape of bananas.

11. Take a Break Emergency Food Tin

Take a Break Emergency  Food Tin - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


This food tin takes hunger very seriously. Perfect for stashing away snacks and bites just in case there’s no food in sight, it’s also a lightweight lunch box that you can easily bring along with you. Designed to look like an emergency alarm, just ‘break’ into the tin when hunger pangs strike.

12. iPhone Photo Scanner

iPhone Photo Scanner - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


Are you a photo-holic? Then you’d most likely enjoy this iPhone Photo Scanner which lets you scan any photos up to 4″ x 6″ directly into your iPhone4, 4S, 5 (with adaptor) and iPod Touch 4th generation at up to 600 DPI resolution. While you scan, the built-in dock also entertains you with music, videos, sideshow and even access to the internet.

13. Self Stir Mug

Self Stir Mug - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


Have a cuppa minus the stirring. From coffee and tea to soup and broth, this battery-powered mug will do all the stirring for you. A must-have to pamper the lazy in you, this Self Stir Mug is also hypnotically fun to watch as the stirring begins.

14. The Daily Mood Flipchart

Daily Mood Flipchart - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


Express your emotions – but let this mood flipchart do the talking. Whether you are happy or crappy, there are 47 different moods to choose from – each with its own smiley icon along with a cheeky definition, usage example and not-so-famous quotes.

15. Rechargeable USB Briefcase Turntable

Rechargeable USB Briefcase Turntable - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


Get your groove back on with this high-tech, retro briefcase turntable. With its dual 5-watt speakers, plug and play it anytime, anywhere. Powered by rechargeable battery, you can enjoy your vintage vinyl collection for more than 4 hours on a single charge.

16. Color Changing LED Bulb

Color Changing LED Bulb - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


Create ambience just the way you like it with this colour-changing bulb. With 16 colour combinations and 4 lighting effects, this bulb lets you enhance the mood and atmosphere in any space with just the touch of a button.

17. App Cube

App Cube - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


You have trumped Rubik’s Cube, but can you do the same with the App Cube? Touted to be twice as hard as the regular cube puzzle, App Cube challenges you to not only match the colours but to ensure designs face the same direction too. Rest assured, hours and hours of brain exercise guaranteed.

18. Drinks/Lab Homebrew Kit

Drink/Lab Home-brew Kit - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


This Homebrew Kit gives a totally new meaning to ‘spiking drinks’. Housed in an attractive storage case, this kit contains everything you need to turn juice into sparkling wine in just 24 hours. Simply choose or mix up your favourite juices, pour the special yeast blend into the bottle and seal it with the supplied stopper. Wait at least 24 hours for the yeast to work its magic and then voila, enjoy!

19. iSwim Waterproof Pouch

iSwim Waterproof Pouch - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


We know that if you are ever stranded on an island and you could only bring 3 things, your iPod is one of them. Hence, the iSwim Waterproof Pouch, designed to protect your iPod (or any MP3 players) from water, sand and dirt. And if you ever dropped it into water, this pouch keeps your iPod afloat too.

20. Makey Makey

Makey Makey - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


Turn yourself into a technological genius overnight. Make a keyboard out of bananas, control your video games with a pencil and…well, just about anything you can think of – your imagination is the limit. With just three basic elements: the Makey Makey circuit board; alligator clips to connect the board to everyday objects; and a USB cable, to connect with any computer, this amazing inventor kit truly makes a maker out of anyone.

21. Portable Travel Luggage Scale

Portable Travel Luggage Scale


Say goodbye to weight-guessing with this nifty portable luggage scale. Weigh your luggage no matter where you are. Lightweight and convenient, this digital scale comes with an easy-to-hold handle that has a display at the top.

22. AstroEye Planetarium

AstroEye Planetarium - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


Paint your ceiling with a starry sky with the Astro Eye Planetarium. This projector features views from both the northern and southern hemisphere perspective. There’s a shooting star phenomenon as well; in the form of a meteor firing across the firmament. Breathtaking? Absolutely, and all possible in the comfort of your home. No telescope required.

23. Key Pete Magnetic Key Holder

KeyPete Magnetic Key Holder - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


For Pete’s sake, give this little guy some keys to hold. This small but sturdy magnetic key holder can hold up to thirty keys despite its lightweight frame. Just stick Pete’s right hand on a magnetic surface, like your fridge, and he’d do the rest with his free hand. But Key Pete isn’t just a cool tool – it comes with a cool name too: Key-p it safe, Key-p it simple, just Key Pete!

24. Row Boat Salad Bowl

Row Boat Salad Bowl - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


Row, row, row your boat of salad, gently onto your dinner plates. This unique-looking dinnerware resembles a rowboat, complete with oars as your serving tools. Also perfect for holding fruits or simply as a display item in your dining hall.

25. ‘Keep Calm’ Toilet Roll

'Keep Calm' Toilet Roll - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


Toilet jokes, anyone? This Keep Calm toilet roll actually adds some joke during loo time with a sense of style. With 30 meters of 2 ply tissue, this cheeky toilet paper rolls out two messages to keep you motivated while you do your business: “Keep Calm and Carry On Pushing” and “Keep Calm and Carry on Reading.”

26. Flavors of America Salt Collection

Flavors of America Salt Collection - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


With this salt collection, you’d never look at salt the same way again. Combining good taste and good looks, there are 11 types of all-American assortment of gourmet salts in this collection for you experiment with, all contained in handsome glass vials that invite you to taste them with care.

27. Glass Water Faucet

Glass Water Faucet - Most Unique Christmas Gifts


Without fail, this glass and metal faucet will invite double takes – is that glass or is that water? Created by Gary Guydosh in Pennsylvania using classic glass-blowing techniques and craftsmanship, this sculptural piece adds an immediate wow-factor to your home.




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