30 3D Street Painting Art Pieces Of 6 Inspiring Chalk Artists

W.K —  October 25, 2011 — 1 Comment
3D Street Painting

3D street painting is an spectacular art of the art. In order to spice up your visual sensor, we’re here to show you 30 art pieces of 3D street painting which are dedicated by 6 mega-talented street painter or normally known as chalk artist.

The art pieces  encompass the diverse range of human creativity and creation. As well, it is capable to influence, not only most of the sensors, but emotions and thoughts either. Get your sensor ready!

Eduardo Relero

Eduardo Relero Art 1

Eduardo Relero Art 2

Eduardo Relero Art 3

Eduardo Relero Art 4

Eduardo Relero Art 5


Rod Tryon

Rod Tryon Art 1

Rod Tryon Art 2

Rod Tryon Art 3

Rod Tryon Art 4

Rod Tryon Art 5


Julian Beever

Julian Beever Art 1

Julian Beever Art 2

Julian Beever Art 3

Julian Beever Art 4

Julian Beever Art 5


Kurt Wenner

Kurt Wenner Art 1

Kurt Wenner Art 2

Kurt Wenner Art 3

Kurt Wenner Art 4

Kurt Wenner Art 5


Edgar Muller
Edgar Muller Art 1
Edgar Muller Art 2

Edgar Muller Art 3

Edgar Muller Art 4

Edgar Muller Art 5


Tracy Lee Stum

Tracy Lee Stum Art 1

Tracy Lee Stum Art 2

Tracy Lee Stum Art 3

Tracy Lee Stum Art 4

Tracy Lee Stum Art 5



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