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Today, we are honored to have the chance to interview with Fleapy team. Meantime, we have also featured Fleapy as our ‘Web App of the Month’, and in fact, it deserves more than that.

If there is only one word to describe the whole interview, it would be inspirational though. By coding lines of algorithm, the team managed to innovate and simplify millions of people live. Please check out our review to find out more about Fleapy and the team, and most importantly, never forget to drop by the ultimate air ticket search engine – Fleapy.com.

exclusive interview with fleapy

Here we go:

TeZeal: Could you tell us more about Fleapy and the Fleapy team? 

Fleapy is a site that aims to take away the pain of finding the lowest flight fare among low cost carriers.

The team consist of just the two of us and we are both pretty much a ‘generalist’. Generalist in the sense that we both develop the site, maintain the server, and talk to users over blogs and social media.

TeZeal: What initiates you to develop Fleapy and what is the driving force to keep on improving Fleapy?

We are avid travelers too and we understand the pain of searching for cheap flight tickets. When we knew that we are facing problems like this, we can be pretty sure that there are others out there who are facing similar problems. So we quickly developed and launched the first version of Fleapy to gauge how users would respond to our site. It turns out that users are loving it and that motivates us to move forward and continue improving Fleapy.

TeZeal: How long did you take to develop Fleapy and what are the major challenges during the process?

We took about a month developing the first version of Fleapy. I guess one of the major challenges that we faced along the way would be trying to get the overall user experience right. We have seen many people complained about the Air Asia website being very difficult to use. So, we decided why not change the entire flow of flight search to be much more natural and shows exactly what travelers expect to see, that is when can i get the cheapest flight ticket.

TeZeal: Can you share with us the vision and mission of Fleapy? 

As of now, we bootstrapped Fleapy as a hobby project on our existing infrastructure. We are not entirely sure how the future would hold and what sort of direction Fleapy would take. In the end, we would really like however, to have a place where travelers would painlessly search and find the cheapest flight fare with the most minimal mental effort possible.

TeZeal: As we all know that fleapy currently is Malaysia-based, do you have plans to internationalize Fleapy?

There are certain low cost carriers besides Air Asia that are hugely popular in certain countries. So supporting these other carriers would definitely appeal to other users besides Malaysia. So yeah definitely, plans to support other low cost carriers are part of our roadmap.

TeZeal: Do you have plans to create mobile version for Fleapy since the mobile application market is getting bigger?

Right now we are focusing on the web due to its wider device accessibility. Before moving onto another platform, we would like to get the web right and ensure its stability. We couldn’t agree more that the mobile market is getting bigger, in fact its one of the most heavily requested features. We would really love to do so, but due to the smaller team size, we decided not to jump right in just yet.

TeZeal: As a professional web app developer, what is your practical advice to other developers, especially young developer?

Whether your idea is awesome or not, code it, and try to get a product up and running. If it takes off, there you go! If it does not, i bet you would have learned a lot in the process, which could really help in your next project. The point is that you’ll learn a whole lot more when you are actually making something real. Something that others could use.

TeZeal: What is your opinion about the future of web application and what is your prediction about the direction of development it can be?

With the recent popularity of HTML5 and Javascript, developers are going to make use of its potential and make wonders happen on the web. We think web applications are going to stay for quite some time in the future, and it would be interesting to see how they compete with native apps.

TeZeal: What measures did Fleapy take to ensure that the fare published in Fleapy is the most updated fare of all time?

We have some code at the back that has not been completely optimized yet which synchronizes our data with Air Asia’s server. We’ll say about 1-4% of the data may not be accurate at times. So the key is to optimize the code as much as possible, and we have been doing just that behind the scene.

TeZeal: What strategy will Fleapy adopt to lure public attention and improve the publicity?

Since we bootstrapped Fleapy, most of our marketing are done on the cheap. We shared about how we work and some thoughts on blogs and forums. We also leverage social medias like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to keep in contact with users.

TeZeal: What do you think about TeZeal, and do you have any suggestion for us?

You guys are Awesome! We wish we could come together one day and yumcha together :0

TeZeal’s Team: Sure, but YumBeer would be the more appropriate word! Haha:P Thanks again for the time spending with us. Good luck!

(Credits to CZ for idea contribution)



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