Interview With Vlad Gerasimov – Founder of Vladstudio [Exclusive]

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You might not know who is Vlad Gerasimov. You might not hear anything about Vladstudio before. Anyhow today we’re excited, not only because you’re here but soon you will have another great website in your bookmarks bar.

Being one of his avid fans, for me Vlad is a raw talent, inspirational entrepreneur, and a magician in designing. It might sound as an extravagant exaggeration or flattering to you, however, you should (must) really drop a visit to Vladstudio before jumping into a conclusion.

Interview With Vlad Gerasimov

In short it is the most unique and best wallpaper site I have seen, and perhaps or I believe you would definitely have a better compliment after that. And of course you must not miss the chance to ‘meet the founder’ – an inspiring interview we brought to you exclusively:

1. Hi Mr Vlad Gerasimov, it’s our honor to have this interview with you. Above all the question, could you please tell us about yourself behind the Vladstudio as well as how you manage your daily routine?

Thanks :-)

It all started long ago when I was studying in an Economics Academy.My brother needed help with user interface for some software, so I decided it’s good reason to start learning Photoshop (it was about 10 years ago). While drawing software interfaces, I also experimented with Photoshop techniques. And I always drew some doodles in my notebooks in school. These 2 skills combined into what is now “vladstudio wallpapers”.

As for the daily routine – since the birth of my (now 2-year-old) daughter, I no longer have any routine :-) I simply use any free minute I have for work, without any plan of the day. F.e. I am writing this interview answers in the cafe, while my father takes care of the little Alice.

Interview with Vlad Gerasimov

Artwork of Vladstudio

2. It’s no question that Vladstudio is a source of inspiration to all of us. As such, it would be interesting to know where do you get your own source of inspiration or it just flows out instinctively from your inner side?

I steal my ideas from other artists :-) Joking. Seriously speaking, I often start by being inspired by some picture, but always develop my own idea on top of it. I like to imagine a story before I get to the pencil sketch.


3. We know that the most of your artwork or maybe all are created using Photoshop. As a sifu of this sophisticated software, what is your suggestion to a self-learner or what is the most important technique we should master first?

Hmm, hard to tell. I picked one style and I follow it. The “technique” you need to master depends on your style. So my advice would be – try different things, find your style, then follow it.

Interview with Vlad Gerasimov

Artwork of Vladstudio

4. What is your future plan for Vladstudio or do you mind disclosing your new project if any?

My hope would be to have a lot of free time and draw lots of new wallpapers. Alas, free time is only a dream! Also, one big project that keeps me busy is Windy Press e-books (right now for iPad, but Android and more hopefully coming soon). I found I also enjoy solving complex programming tasks, like writing my own animation engine in Javascript. So, Vladstudio wallpapers and Windy Press e-books are the two big project I will be doing in near future.


5. Colors play a big part in all of your drawings and it resonates harmonically with each of the themes. How do you decide which color to use and do you have any tools to recommend? Just please tell us some tips in picking colors.

I do not use any tools. And I often get the colours wrong the first time. I mean, after wallpaper is mostly done, I decide and try completely different set of colours (change blue background to red, for example). I keep colors, shapes and effects in different Photoshop layers, so that I can change colours without having to re-do something.

The only tip I can give is – trust your eyes :-) Experiment!

Interview with Vlad Gerasimov

Artwork of Vladstudio

6. What is the tool, gadget, and software you couldn’t live without? Any favorite website you must visit every day?

For some reason, I am quite addicted to Hacker News. Art-related “must see” is Daily Deviations. My main tool is old MacBook – it’s my main working tool, which I take everywhere, so that I can use any free minute. Software is, as you can expect, Photoshop!


7. Aside from the ‘Alice in the Wonderland’, what is the other fairy tale impressed you the most? Would you show it in your future artwork or it had already?

Hmm, Alice in Wonderland is, I’m afraid, the only tale that impressed me by “words”. I mostly judge fairy tales by their illustrations :-) I do not have “fixed” list of recommendations. Every day something “hot”, beautiful and inspiring happens in Internet. Just go online and you’ll find it :-)

Artwork of Vladstudio

Artwork of Vladstudio

8. What is that major challenges you have faced as a self-employed designer?

Lack of self-discipline. In the end, I decided to completely stop doing work for others, and only work for myself – draw wallpapers and develop e-books. Because I can ruin my own deadline :-) On the other hand, I am “introvert” – I do not have natural need to communicate a lot. This makes it easier for me to be self-employed.


9. Lastly, could you give some piece of advice and words of motivation to all the fresh designers who are struggling to find success ?

Hmm, that’s a tough question :-) I guess I can call myself “successful” – meaning I enjoy what I do, and get some money out of it
too. Probably something like – be your own hardest critic, improve your skills, and improve any picture until you’re proud of what you’ve done. And when you’re proud enough, make it as easy as possible for others to enjoy your work. People will appreciate when good artwork is easy to access and use.

P.S from editor: Thanks again for your time. We wish to say hello to the little Alice and hope she would always be in her’s wonderland  :) .


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