Showcase Of Chinese Calligraphy To Celebrate Chinese New Year 2012

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In conjunction to the Chinese New Year, we’re here to present the showcase of Chinese Calligraphy to spice up the great event. Chinese calligraphy is sententious and unique to Chinese Cultures. It has more than 5000 years of history, and indisputably, it is the combination of Chinese’s wisdom and culture.

Wishing everyone Happy Chinese New Year 2012 - Tezeal Team

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The Chinese Calligraphy distinguished itself from other form of art with its unique emphasized stroke, which is also charged by the calligrapher’s personality and aesthetic feeling. By observing the calligraphy, however, you can enter the spiritual world of calligrapher and experience the dynamic emotion of it. In short, the Chinese calligraphy comprises the medium to convey the calligrapher’s message to the reader.

Four Treasures of the Study

Good tools are prerequisite and indispensable to produce a finest art piece. Same thing applied. The four treasures of the study are the 4 essential tools required to write Chinese Calligraphy, and it comprises of ink stick, paper, ink slab, and writing brush. Before we show you the magnificent pieces of Chinese Calligraphy, it’s good to take a quick glance at the four treasures, so that you can really appreciate the beauty of the art piece at latter part.

Chinese Ink Stick- Chinese Calligraphy Showcase

Ink Stick

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Rice Paper - Chinese Calligraphy Showcase

Rice Paper

Image Source: Maplerose

Ink Slab - Chinese calligraphy showcase

Ink Slab

Image Source: Chinese-handicraft

Chinese Brush - Chinese calligraphy showcase

Chinese Brush


Showcase of Chinese Calligraphy

It’s no exaggeration to say Chinese Calligraphy is one the most beautiful art in the world. We glad to see this art is not only limited to Chinese society but spreading to worldwide. May you enjoy:

Ngan Siu-Mui

Comfortable Life – A comfortable life in ensured by the comfort of having a wife inside the house.

Showcase of Chinese Calligraphy

A Thousands Cup of Wine is not Enough – Phrase is taken from Chinese novel “Dragon Biography”, and the tittle explains the relationship between bosom friends.

Showcase of Chinese Calligraphy

Truth, Perfection and Beauty – This describes three principles of life. The pursuit of science is truth. The pursuit of philosophy is perfection. The pursuit of arts is beauty.

Showcase of Chinese Calligraphy

Heaven Constantly on the Move – “As the universe changes, the righteous man changes for the better and improves his life.”

Showcase of Chinese calligraphy

Martial Power – Martial power, both mentally and physically.

Showcase of Chinese calligraphy



Ai – It means ‘Love’.

Showcase of Chinese calligraphy


On – Sound.

Picture showcase of Chinese calligraphy

Mamoru. – Protect, Guard.

Picture showcase of Chinese calligraphy

Fuku – Fortune. Wealth. Luck.

Fortune - Picture showcase of Chinese calligraphy


Evolution of Characters – The sky was black and earth yellow; space and time vast, limitless.

Evolution of Characters - Picture showcase of Chinese Calligraphy


Dragon – In Chinese, it is pronounced as ‘Long’, whereas in Japanese, it is pronounced as ‘Ryuu’.

Dragon - Picture showcase of Chinese calligraphy


Dragon –  Legendary creatures in Chinese mythology.

Dragon - Picture showcase of Chinese Calligraphy


Picture showcase of Chinese calligraphy


Picture showcase of Chinese calligraphy


In Chinese 2012 is the year of dragon, and traditionally, dragon symbolizes power, strength, and luck. We hope you did have fun with the calligraphy, and we would like to take this opportunity to wish every happy Chinese New Year. ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’.

If you would like to share any Chinese Calligraphy, please let us know at the comments, and we’ll update the list at anytime.




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