Very Cool Halloween Costume Ideas

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Halloween is just right at the corner! So how do you celebrate this spooky festival? Instead of preparing treats for the ‘tick or treating’, and carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, this is also the perfect moment to wear a wacky outfit to attend a costume party or hanging in a haunted attraction without drawing any awkward glimpses.

Everyone seems to have a different idea when it comes to Halloween costumes. Some might buy it directly from a store or enjoy the fun to ‘DIY’ a own costume. Either way can bring the cool factor too and finding a style to suit yourself is more important. As such, we’re going to showcase the coolest Halloween costumes we found on the net, so that the most wacky yet spooky idea is channeled to you.

Costume’s Images Courtesy of Spirithalloween

The Undertaker

very cool Halloween costumes

Zombies – Resident Evil 

very cool Halloween costumes

Creepy Clown & Evil Jester

very cool Halloween costumes

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack / Sassy Sally

Very Cool Halloween Costume Ideas

Sexy Vampire

Very Cool Halloween Costume Ideas


Costume’s Images Courtesy of Buycostumes

Undead Doctor & Nurse

Undead doctor and nurse's costume

Undead Teacher

Undead teacher costume

Egyptian Mummy

Egyptian Mummy's costume


little sexy devil costume

Monsters Frankenstein

Monsters Frankenstein costume

Hellraiser – Pinhead

Hellraiser costume

Emerald Witch

Emerald Witch costume


Leprechaun costume

Ghost Pirate

Ghost Pirate costume

Costume’s Images Courtesy of Rickyshalloween

The Killer Clown

Killer Clown costume

Metal Mayhem

Metal Mayhem costume

Drinking Dracula

Drinking Dracula costume

Dr Killer Driller 

Dr Killer Driller Costume

Monster Groom

Monster Groom costume




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