YouTube is the gateway to stream tons of music for free. Plus the relatively fast and steady speed of the courtesy of Google Server, it makes one of the no-brainer choice for music enthusiast. Alas, the dedicated iOS YouTube Apps doesn’t allow user to play music in the background. The fly in the ointment is something not cool!

The workaround is rather simple and straightforward. We have to abandon the YouTube Apps and head for the internet browser instead.

Visit YouTube via Safari/Chrome and you would be landed on the mobile version of YouTube. Play any song you like and exit to the home screen or switch to any other Apps. Don’t worry, the music would stop or more precisely pause anyway.

Now swipe up the screen to open the control center, and hit the play button. The selected song would continue playing and viola. Now you can do anything with you iPad or iPhone while listening to YouTube music in the background.

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We were lying through our teeth each time we ticked the little box of “I Have Read And Understood the Terms of Service”. In fact we just probably treated it as yet another procedure to proceed. This is no doubt the biggest lie of the Web, and ironically we just aware of it.

Terms of Service; Didn’t Read

Candidly, most of the Terms of Service is written with excessive amount of legal terminology which is also long enough to deter the general reader. It’s however imperative to at least get a grasp prior making any agreement, particularly in the case that involved our right and privacy. TOSDR is here to cut your understanding curve for the daunting thousand words. Read More

Even for the experienced traveller, planning for a perfect trip is an arduous endeavor. Not to mention to get inundated by the variety of hotel choices while trying to nail the budget at the same time, visa requirement is just another important thing in the check list too.


Confusion even added when the visa requirement varies for different citizen, and it seems there is no an explicit and convenient way to check it out except referring to the relevant embassy in the old days. Now of course a better solution that we can’t wait to introduce to you is Visamapper. Read More

By default, our computer, iPhone or iPad screen are designed in a way to display optimum color during daylight, but apparently it’s not true for the night. It seems that very often in the night or early morning, our eye easily get strained or flashed by the computer screen. Although technology is the culprit in this case, but it’s also the fix always.

If you have noticed, our screen typically has a cool blue undertone at all the times. This blue tone works fine during the day as it mimics the tone of daylight or sunlight. As a result, the blue light would unconsciously and consistently signal our brain to stay awake by stimulating certain hormone. It’s similar to the Red Bull energy drink in the reality. But we just don’t drink Red Bull when we wanted to sleep, do we?


So in order to rid of the blue light at certain time of day, we can either do it manually or efficiently using a free software called F.lux. It’s a install-and-forget software that will tune the screen color automatically based on you geographical location. F.lux is a very light software that handled everything in the background that you don’t even notice it’s existence after initial setup. It just works quietly and brilliantly!

f.lux makes your computer screen look like the room you’re in, all the time. When the sun sets, it makes your computer look like your indoor lights. In the morning, it makes things look like sunlight again. Read More

The main advantage of a laptop is its convenience or flexibility. Unfortunately, it has been plagued with the laptop’s battery issue that hold the main advantage back. It’s not cool that the laptop battery is running low when you are in the middle of something important or at somewhere you couldn’t find any electrical supply.

You might wonder why the manufacturers don’t want to provide a better battery that will last longer? This is not the manufacture fault nor any commercial decision. And yet, this is due to the limitation of the current technology that our science community could afford, and no doubt this is one of the biggest human’s technology challenge. In other words, the only way to increase a laptop’s battery life is through the laptop user’s behaviour or the way of using it.

15+ Ways To Increase Laptop's Battery Life

We’ve listed 15+ ways to increase laptop’s battery at the following, and some tips might require other compensation in exchange for longer battery life. It’s not necessary to follow all the tips completely, and you should choose whichever fit you the most. Besides, we’d like to hear your own experience at the comment section. Read More

It always a blissful moment to pass streets with mystical Christmas tree, seeing house decked out in fuzzy lighting, and listening to the soothing carol.

It’s just a magical serenity.

Christmas comes with Santa Claus,
Christmas comes with snowy floors,
Christmas comes with robins and reindeer,
Christmas comes with angels from afar.

“Amy Darnbrook”

While Santa and the elves are yet to buckle up, we have curated 20 Christmas desktop wallpaper for you to spice up the holiday cheers!

Christmas Volcano. Wallpaper available in variety of size.

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QR code is no longer typically monotony, ill-lighted, and blackish. It can have colors together with seriously gorgeous theme and unique decor. Remember we taught you how to create a QR code for WiFi, the following showcase might give an inspirational dose to your design and no doubt would radically change your perception of QR code. Enjoy the ride!

When we talk about Creativity and Beautiful Visual, JESS3 is no doubt one of the cutting-edge!

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The advent of Smartwatch will radically revolutionize the way we behave and interact everyday. The new wearable gadget on our wrist would not just function as a timekeeper anymore, but also serves as an assistant to deliver tons of task.

By connecting to the Smartphone in most of the cases or otherwise, we can control the music, record video, read email, answer phone call, run numerous apps, capture biometric data and many more function on the fly. While your phone is completely out of reach, it simply killed the hurdle!

Top 15 Noteworthy Smartwatches of 2013

It has been years for small yet nimble startups dabbled with Smartwatch, testing the water. But now the giants, big tech-companies are not longer sitting quietly and have decided this is the right time to join the battleground. With the whole different level of resources, we of course expected to be impressed more.

The list of Smartwatch is getting longer in a very fast pace. If you have a Smartwatch in your shopping list, you might not know which suits you the best. For this, we sifted through maze and highlighted 15 noteworthy Smartwatches in the market now so that you would have all in one clear picture. List after the jump! Read More

It’s an era of speed, there is a perpetual need to think fast, act fast, and also type fast. Alas not everyone is a typist. It took times and rounds of practice to become one. In this case, a dictation tool becomes particularly useful.

A dictation tool is a speech recognition tool to transcribe your voice into words. You can use it to dictate search queries, compose email and even to the extent of blogging. Online dictation tool turns up a notch to add few extra advantage. Not only it is free, lighter, but it skips the hassle installation process too. A microphone and a connected internet browser are all you required to use it on the go.

A very interesting study showed that the average workers spend nearly 4 hours per day writing email with average typing speed of 33 words per minute. Whereas the dictation tools could reach a speed of 100 words per minute.

After sifted through the maze, we have found the best 2 online dictation tools as below:

Digital Inspiration

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