5 Tips To Keep Cool Your Hot Laptop

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Laptop computers do often are seen on for long hours to meet the demands of people. It is therefore obvious to hear about its user complaining about the overheating things while using the machine for intense activities. Laptops often run hot while working with them and could overheat over the periods of time thus causing some serious damages. When you start experiencing such things, you could use several easy and inexpensive methods to keep your laptops cooler and thus help your machine work smoothly and reliably. The following are some vital tips to keep cool your hot laptops.

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Adjust to power saver plan

Adjust to power saver plan

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The basic tip to prevent overheating of your laptops is to adjust your laptop’s power settings from high performance to power saver or more balanced plan. This will help your laptop to use the bare minimum power required to run any software or other applications instead of using the high processor speed. However, if you have some intensive work or want to play any game, you could certainly switch back to the high performance plan as and when required.

Use laptop cooling pads

use Laptop cooling pads

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The other way to keep your laptops cool is by using proper laptop cooling pads. A USB powered cooling pad renders your laptops with additional fans carrying a raised surface where your laptop could easily sit over it. This allows a good airflow underneath, which helps in dissipating the heat quickly. In case if your room is warmer due to various reasons you could think of using triple fun cooling pad to make your laptop cool fast.

Keep your surrounding cool

keep your surrounding cool

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The other basic tip which you need to keep in your mind is to make your surrounding or room comfortably cool as much as possible. Computers unlike you or anyone when are in any air-conditioned environment could remain cool. A majority of data centers or server rooms usually work at 70 degree F or below, which as per the experts is an ideal temperature for even your home offices where you use laptops or other devices for your home based offices.

Clean the laptop’s vents

Clean the laptop’s vents

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The other way to keep your laptops cool is to use dust removal spray to clean the vents of your laptops. Dust could collect in and simply block over your laptop’s fan vents, which is basically a big problem easily sorted out with the help of can of compressed gas. All you need to do is to turn off your laptop computer and spray the vent and get rid of the dust inside the vents.

Shut down your laptop when not in use

shut down your laptop when not in use

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The last and important tip to keep your laptop cool is to shut it down while you are not using the machine for any work. Most of the people are seen leaving their laptops on for hours even though they are not working over the machines. This not only reduces your electricity consumption but also end up cooling down your laptops.


By carrying out the steps discussed above could regulate the internal temperature of your laptops. As per experts these basic preventive measurements could slash down the temperature to 41 percent, which not only secures you from any fatal damage but also keeps a check over your energy consumption.

Editor Note:  This is a guest contribution by Diana Maria. She is a blogger and a writer of  Bornrich. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Besides she is fond of gadgets too.



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