8 Useful Tips To Create A Viral Infographic

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With the advent of the internet and technology, more and more people are these days getting addicted to the internet. Most of them are spending the maximum time on the internet either communicating with others, working or earning money. It has become one of the easiest and authentic ways of acquiring information and knowledge.

We gather information not just by surfing various sites online and reading and gathering the answers written over these sites. But we can also learn a lot from an infographic. Though infographic designs are seen in print but it is mostly used in cyberspace. In short, infographic represents the data or the information in the visual manner. Infographic is an important tool that is used to present information, teach others and in many other purposes. This rather new way of information presentation helps the viewers to understand the most complicated data in the simplest way.

No doubt it is easier to make the viewers understand any complex data using infographic and it is the easiest way to present data to the readers. Therefore it is necessary to make the design attractive to the viewers and it depends on the way the inforgraphics is designed. This article discusses a few tips which the designers should adopt in the design so that the infographic can be viral, popular and more attractive.

Tips 1: Do not confuse the readers

Useful Tips To Create A Viral Infographic

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Infographic aims to simplify data and information for the readers and the viewers. But it gets diverted from the target then it will definitely not serve its actual purpose and will be an utter failure. Do not try to make it too complicated or too elaborate otherwise you may lose your focus and the viewers may get confused with your design.

Tips 2: Balance the text

Useful Tips To Create A Viral Infographic

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Infographic is used to represent the data and information in visual manner instead of using text. Therefore, while designing infographic the designers should always remember that they should use as much as design as possible instead of making it clumsy by using lots of texts. You can use text to some extent but you should always try to maintain the balance of both text and graphics throughout the entire design.

Tips 3: Pick a color scheme and do not overuse color

Useful Tips To Create A Viral Infographic

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There are many designers who tend to apply as many colors as possible in their infographics thinking these will attract the attention of the viewers. But this is purely a wrong conception. Using too much of irrelevant colors can make an infographic too clumsy to attract the attention of the viewers. It will barred them from going through the matter or the contents smoothly.

Tips 4: Do not use too many numbers

Useful Tips To Create A Viral Infographic

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There are many people who are not quite comfortable with numbers. Therefore, while designing infographic your target should be to reach to everybody. Keeping those people in mind you should try to use fewer numbers if possible to help them to get rid of confusions. Try to use  numbers that are necessary in the most appropriate way.

Tips 5: Make the layout interesting, avoid monotonous

Useful Tips To Create A Viral Infographic

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Infographics are usually presented in an entertaining manner to make it easier for the viewers to understand the matter or the content. It helps to simplify the learning process for all types of readers or the viewers.

Tips 6: Choose and use typography meticulously

Useful Tips To Create A Viral Infographic

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Typography plays one of the most important roles in designing infographics.  It can completely change the look of the entire infographic and attracts the attention of the viewers. But on the other hand the wrong selection and application of typographic can be disastrous for the entire layout. If you are a designer you should have a hair idea about the typography and how they can be matched with the theme or the content. You have to make the best combination of font colors, types and sizes to produce the best layout.

Tips 7: Publish proofed and accurate information only

Infographic is the way of showing data so that the viewers can gather information and knowledge from them. Therefore, there is no scope for using wrong data or information, particularly if you are showing graphs or statistics.

Tips 8: Design carries weight, but content is the king

Useful Tips To Create A Viral Infographic

Image Courtesy of MrBadger

Do not focus on the design. It can be said surely that many people and even some infographic designers will be surprised after reading this sentence. But it is true. Design is of course necessary in an infographic however it is not everything.  You should always give importance to data and their appropriate presentation. The infographic should be designated in a simple and easy manner. It should be a perfect combination of both graphic design as well as the information.

An impressive and attractive infographic should gratify at least few of the tips or attributes mentioned above. There are many experienced designers who even do not know these basic rules. While designing infographics you should always keep in mind your target audience and what they actually want or how you can teach them about the data. In other words, know your audience!

Author Bio: Donna Baxter is an expert infographic designer who is successfully running her own designing agency for the past few years. She has started writing informative articles sharing her tips and thoughts on infographic designs. She always suggests to get some ideas from infographicdesignteam.com.



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