Download And Install WhatsApp On PC

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Thanks to WhatsApp, we can ping friends with tons of message, picture and video at anytime, anywhere we liked without worrying the monthly telco bill. Alas the fly in the ointment is it has no PC support; very often we need to response to the message with Smartphone while we have our hands and brain working comfortably with the computer. Particularly when you rely heavily on WhatsApp as your primary messaging platform, it simply poses an inconvenience to you over the time.

Download And Install WhatsApp On PC

I don’t like it either as it’ll usually affect my flow of thoughts. I really hope WhatsApp will roll out a PC version tomorrow by all means. But until this happens, we found a workaround. Yes, we can send and receive WhatsApp messages using our PC or computer.

This tricks works flawlessly with the helps of an emulator, and most importantly, the emulator we recommended is free of charge too. It means you can enjoy the free privilege together with the additional feature.

Disclaimer: You can only verify WhatsApp with one number on one device. In other words, if you use your hand-phone number to verify, then you would not able to use WhatsApp on your phone anymore. A simple workaround for this is to use your residential number for the verification instead.

Can I verify one WhatsApp account to multiple phones, or with multiple phone numbers?

Many of you may have different phones or different numbers, and may want to use WhatsApp with one number, but on two phones or vice versa. However, at this time, WhatsApp can only be verified with one number, on one device.

If you attempt to frequently switch your WhatsApp account between different devices, at a certain point, you may be blocked from re-verifying WhatsApp. So, please do not repeatedly switch between different devices.

WhatsApp Support Team

Steps To Install WhatsApp on the PC:

1. Download and install Bluestacks – It has both Windows and Mac Version. Nonetheless, it’s awarded the best software at CES 2012.

2. Launch it and download WhatsApp. Go to the ‘Messaging’ and you should able to see the WhatsApp icon. Otherwise, you can use the ‘App Search’ feature too.

3. After installation, you need to verify WhatsApp. Select your country and enter a working phone number. It can be your residential or mobile phone number.

4. Press OK and wait for the verification to process. Most likely, you’ll fail to verify with the SMS method. Worry not, press ‘Call Me’ and you’ll receive a call shortly together with the 6 digits code. Enter the code, and you’re almost finished.

5. Before you start any conversation, you would need a contact. You can create a contact list by clicking on the menu button which is located at bottom left.

That’s it. To check if it works, try sending message to anyone. If we found another way of using WhatsApp on PC without emulator, we would definitely share it here, and of course your suggestion is much welcomed too.



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  • 007JamesBond007

    +10 Cool, very cool and very handy when i’m on pc, save batteries on the phone! Yeah i had to re-verify once to get back on phone to use the app after using the pc whatsapp, so best to use residential number when verificating through emulator! :D