Free And Best Media Player: Window Media Classic + K-Lite Codec Pack

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Still looking for a free multi-format media player to play video and music flawlessly? No more searching after this, because we’re here to show you the cream of the crop – Window Media Classic plus K-Lite Codec.

Free And Best Media Player: Window Media Classic + K-Lite Codec Pack

Believe me or not, this superb combination will supersede any media player you have been using right now. It can play virtually any format of media file, including .mkv and .rmvb without sacrificing little performance quality. The best part is that it is absolutely free and clean! No single penny, no premium upgrade, and no annoying ads pop out. Before enjoying the thrill, let’s clear some doubts:

What is K-Lite Codec?

K-Lite codec is a pack of video and music’s components to enable Microsoft Windows and its software to play various audio and video formats, which are generally not supported by the operating system itself. If you haven’t install K-Lite, the basic Window Media Classic can only play limited types of media file. Hence, in order to unlock the full potential of Window Media Classic, it’s advisable to integrate the player with K-Lite Codec.

There are 4 variants of K-Lite Codec Pack such as Basic, Standard, Full, and Mega. All are free, but I would recommend to install the Mega edition, because it’s the only edition to support RealMedia (.rm, .rmvb, .ra, .ram) files. Conveniently, all the packs itself contain the Window Media Classic, so you no need to download another standalone installer for it.

Why Window Media Classic?

Free and best media player - Windows Media Classic

Some people asked me if they can use other media player together with K-Lite Codec? Of course you can. For example, the default Windows Media Player is working fine with .mkv and .rmvb file after successful integration with K-Lite codec.

The reason I pick WMC is because it is much faster and lighter. WMC consumes relatively little computer resources, and it is capable to skip forward and back the high-definition video in a smooth manner. Most importanly, it is recommended by the K-Lite developer team.

Trustworthy Download Link

It is possible that people can repack the codec and place a malicious code inside. To prevent such potential harm, it is safe to download from a trustworthy source, and we have it here for you:

K-Lite Codec Pack Download Link

The installation is pretty easy though, just follow the instruction and you should be able to get it! (Do let us know if you experience any difficulties)

Useful Tips

– If you’re running on 64-bit version of windows, it is recommended to install both 64-bit and the normal 32-bit pack in order to have optimal user experience. The order of installation doesn’t matter.

– To change audio language in Window Media Classic, simply click on the ‘Navigate’ tab > ‘Audio Language’. Same thing applied to change the subtitle language, ‘Navigate’ tab > ‘Subtitle Language’

Subtitle Showing Square Block at Windows Media Classic?
To solve subtitle showing square issue

Change to the appropriate subtitle language (Below Arial)

No worries if you having this ‘defect’. It’s simply caused by the setting. All you need to do is to change the appropriate font type. Go to View > Option > Subtitle > Default Style, then change to the subtitle language of the video.

K-Lite Codec Security Issue

You may hear that K-Lite Codec could possibly carry malicious virus or malware. This is not true at all. K-Lite Codec has been verified and tested by Cnet and Softonic. As well, it is proven that it is a false positive detection of Kaspersky Internet Security. However, it is vital to ensure the download source is trustworthy!


Windows Media Classic and K-Lite Codec are rather the best combination to play HD movie and music I have found so far. The most attractive attributes are its speed and format-versatility. Lastly, please do share with us at the comments, if you found any good media player or you have any tips related to Windows Media Classic.



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  • yethz

    My Favorite Player MPC ;) Been using MPC for a long time now, its plain & simple player + K-Lite Codec Pack

    Nice post…

    • W.Kai

      It’s my favourite media player too! Thanks..