Generate A QR Code For Your WiFi [How To]

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Today it’s a hyper connected world. The advent of digital social media, web applications, Smartphone app, and the generalization of high-speed broadband have connected us together by 24/7 through the digital means. Albeit most of us has subscribed to the telcos’ broadband service for our Smartphone, very often still we ask for the WiFi password when we’re at the restaurant, hotel, or a friend’s house to stay connected. Reason for this is simply unnecessary to be told.

Most of us should have heard of QR code or Quick Response code but we’re yet to fully exploiting its full potential. One of the feature that not many know is that the QR code can be used to authorize access to your WiFi network. In other words, visitors can get access to your WiFi network by just scanning the QR code with the Smartphone. After all, it’s up to your creativity where you want to publish the QR code.

This trick is particularly useful especially if you’re an event organizer, owner of a coffee shop or restaurant, where the place is visited by plenty of new people frequently. So in this article, we’re going to teach you how to generate a QR code for WiFi without the knowledge of coding, and spending a penny. It’s very cool and really simple:

How To Generate A QR Code For Your WiFi

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1. Visit to this site.

2. Fill in all the information (SSID, Password, and Encryption Type). You can find all the details at the properties of your network.

The SSID  is the name of a wireless local area network.

3. Before you punch the ‘Generate’ button, you can also customize the QR code with colors and images. , If you wish to print out the QR code, don’t forget to select vector (SVG, PDF or EPS) as the scalable format for download. Otherwise bitmap (PNG) will just do.

4. That is it. You can print out a big poster of QR code and frame it to the eye-catching spot of your coffee shop.



This is no doubt one of the most practical way to use QR code we have seen so far.  However, if you’re the person who worries about the security and changes WiFi password every week, this method would not be effective then. If this is the case, we would suggest you to learn about other tips to secure a WiFi network than changing password routinely, and in fact there are other methods carry more weight in terms of security.



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