How To Change And Edit Facebook Background

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Remember we shared a trick of how to remove Facebook ads with a simple extension? Surprisingly and conveniently the same extension would allow you to change or replace the Facebook background with your favorite image in just a few easy steps too. As well, you need not to be a rocket scientist but your creativity to raise the curtain for this neat customization. Step-by-step as follows:

beautiful Facebook background with blue cloud

This is one of our favorite. Why not give it a try?

  • As usual, download the Stylish Extension from the Chrome Web Store first.
  • Then pick a pre-made Facebook background or theme that resonates you the most.
  • Press the vivid green button ‘Install With Stylish’.
  • That’s it. Go to the Facebook and check the newly customized page.

If you want to manage your Facebook background, right-click on the Stylish’s icon appeared at the right top of your browser, followed by option. You can now disable or delete the background on the spot.

How about replacing the Facebook background with an image of your choice? It’s just another piece of cake!

write new style for Facebook background


  • Right-click at the Stylish icon and select ‘Option’.
  • Select ‘Write New Style’, and give it a name.
  • Copy and Paste the following CSS code to the box given.
body {background: url('http://your-background-image.jpg')!important;
background-repeat:no-repeat !important;
background-attachment:fixed !important;}

#leftCol {background-color: #fff;}
  • Replace ‘http://your-background-image.jpg’ with the link to your background image. (You can either upload your image to an image hosting site or use a wallpaper from a website instead.)
  • Click ‘Specify’ and select ‘URLs on the domain’.
  • Add ‘’ and then save it.
  • Now go to Facebook and be sure that the style is enabled.


You can apply the trick to Firefox with the similar steps too. However, don’t get confused. Your friend will still see the same default Facebook profile page of you, although you see differently from your end. You simply change how your browser behave, not the Facebook. Apart from that, don’t forget to showcase your ‘revamped’ Facebook page to us, we would definitely like to see it!



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