Improve Computer Performance With Game Booster 3

Vincent —  December 5, 2011 — Leave a comment

Game Booster 3, developed by iOrbit, is a software that enhance your gaming experience via the great improvement on your computer performance. If you are tired of your lagging computer, you should try this out.

Improve computer performance

Whether you notice or not, there are tons of unnecessary processes running whenever you boot your PC. Those processes take up computer RAM, and eventually, make your computer lags. You might not feel it when you are listening to music or surfing net, but it will get worse when you run heavy-load programmes.

The interface itself is simple, easy to use and clean. You just need to click once and it will close background processes and unnecessary windows services fairly quick, clearing those unused RAM to improve your computer performance. It also include an innovative detection technology, which automatically detect and close much more unnecessary background service.

For advanced users, you can even tweak your internet speed and system for top computer performance, squishing every juice out of your computer for your game. And no worry, Game Booster 3 is compatible with anti-cheat software like PunkBuster and more.

Improve computer performance

Improve computer performance


Apart from clearing RAM and background processes, the software itself packed with several great features:

GameBox: An unique interface as your gaming desktop, where all of your games will be listed here and launch them at ease, no more computer desktop and taskbar.


Improve computer performance


Defragment Game Files: A quickly defragmentation on your game directories and files, aiming to make your games load and run faster than ever.

Diagnose: Analyse your system and show you its weaknesses that might affect computer performance tremendously.


Improve computer performance


Boost features: Edit your own “Blacklist” and “Whitelist”, as well as setting the priority of the processes automatically to further improve your computer performance.


Improve computer performance

So, ladies and gentleman, let’s fire up the machine!



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